2009 Ceremony

Several Revoutionary War Veterans, all with Low Dutch connections, were honored on Sunday afternoo, September 27, 2009 at the Old Mud Meeting House near Harrodsburg, Kentucky, in conjunction with the 3rd Dutch Cousins Gathering.

A government marker and an SAR marker was placed for each veteran with a commemoration ceremony provided by the Governor Isaac Shelby Chapter of the Sons of American Revolution (SAR). This ceremony followed worship services at the Old Mud Meetinghouse.

At the close of the ceremony, a flag in memory of the veteran was presented to the oldest living direct descendant in attendance.

The government markers are free, once the military proofs are located and properly filed and approved, and the services of the SAR are provided free. Money is needed for the SAR medallion and the cost of labor and materials for setting both markers, which are level to the ground to prevent vandalism. The donation is fully tax deductible and goes to the SAR.

Three of the veterans who were honored at the Old Mud Ceremony will have their markers set later at their actual burial locations:

Hendrick Banta –Dutch Tract Cemetery in Henry County,

Isaac Coovert – Providence Cemetery, Mercer Co, and

Peter Vanderveer in Whites Lane, Mercer Co.

The exact burial place for
John Demaree, Barney Smock and Jacob Sortore has not yet been located.

Hendrick “Father Henry” BANTA III
Born 9 Dec. 1718 — died 14 Oct. 1805
Committee of Observation, York Co PA
Married 1st Rachel BREWER 12 Aug 1738; 2nd Anne DEMAREE 1751.
Henry is buried at Pleasureville Dutch Tract Cemetery, Henry Co, KY
He will be honored at Old Mud; his marker placed in at Pleasureville Dutch Tract cemetery later. Sponsor: Rev. Claude WESTERFIELD of Farragut, IA
Descendant to receive flag: Lucille Wahrenbrock of StoryCity, IA (93)

“Shaker” John BANTA
Born 15 March 1757 Somerset Co NJ – died 7 Oct 1815 Logan Co KY
Drummer, 2nd Bn, York County Militia, PA
Served in Hugh Campbell’s Co under Robert McPherson
Married Mary “Polly” Ryker 1786
Son of Father Henry Banta & Anne Demaree
John is buried at South Union Shaker Village, Logan Co, KY;
His marker to be placed at Old Mud 2009
Sponsor & Descendant: Barbara WHITESIDE of Clarksville, IN

Born 1753 NJ — died 14 Sep 1834 KY
Served under Captain Niel and C. Frelinghuysen, 2nd NJ Regt, 3 yrs
Battle of Monmouth, NJ, where Capt. Niel was killed.
Married Anne SMOCK, d/o Barney Smock & Anne Cosine;
Samuel’s burial place in Mercer Co is unknown, he lived near Salvisa;
His government marker will be placed at Old Mud 2009
Sponsor: Carolyn LEONARD of OKC, OK
Descendant to receive flag: Mrs. Cordia Britton Jones, age 100, Lexington KY

Born 1 March 1755 — died 14 Sept. 1825 KY
Fifer, Col. Wind’s NJ Regt.
Battles of Three Rivers, Sandy Hook
Married Anna Vanarsdale who died 1828, buried at Hopewell, Indiana
Brother Daniel Covert was honored in 2007
Isaac is buried at New Providence, Mercer Co KY; honored at Old Mud 2009
Sponsor: Amalie PRESTON of Salvisa, KY
Descendant candidate: 4th great niece Ruby Baker Ingram of E-town KY (72)

Ensign John DEMAREE
Born Oct 1762 NY – died 14 May 1839 KY
Served under Capt Kerney in Col. Gibson’s Regiment, VA
Indian captive for a year
Married 1st Nancy STANSBURY; 2nd Jane CORNISH
Brother-in-law of “Father Henry” Banta, son of Samuel & Leah Demaree
Pension Application witnessed by Rev. Jesse Head, pastor who married Abe Lincoln’s parents.
John’s burial place is unknown, marker to be placed at Old Mud in 2009
Co-Sponsor: Genevieve “Gigi” LACER of Shelby Co, KY
Co-Sponsor: Vince Akers of Indianapolis, IN
Descendant to receive flag: Anna Demaree of Lexington, KY

Sgt. Thomas GAUNT
Born Dec. 1742 — died 19 Aug. 1782
Col. John Bowman’s Illinois Regt.
Married Mary McAFEE of McAfee Station, Salvisa
Thomas is buried on a hill overlooking Salt River near Old Mud, now abandoned
His memorial marker is to be placed at Old Mud in 2009
His son married Phoebe Westerfield
Sponsor: Amalie PRESTON of Salvisa KY
Descendant to receive flag: Amalie Preston, 7th great niece, Salvisa, KY

Pvt. John MOORE
Born 1757 — died 26 July 1836
Gen. Geo Rogers Clark, Illinois Regt. of VA
Battles of Kaskaskia, Vincennes; Indian Captive
Married Mary RYAN
Buried probably in the Old Moore Cemetery in Mercer Co, now abandoned
His memorial marker is to be placed at Old Mud in 2009
Sponsor: Beverly GERDING of Georgetown, TX

Lt. Simeon MOORE
Born about 1734 SC — died 1814 KY
VA militia & Indian battles in KY
Captain Wm Harrod’s Co 1779
(son of James Moore; half bro of James Moore Jr; and bro of Sarah Moore wife/of John Harrod; Father of Capt. Thomas, Pvt. John and Samuel Moore
Uncle of Col. James Harrod founder of Harrodsburg. Family came from Red Stone Fort, Ten Mile Country, Brownsville, PA.
Married 1st Mary …; 2nd Keziah WILLIAMS
Buried probably in the Old Moore Cemetery in Mercer Co, now abandoned
His memorial marker is to be placed at Old Mud in 2009
Sponsor and descendant: Beverly GERDING of Georgetown, TX

Samuel MOORE
Born (when) died (when & where)
Gen. Geo Rogers Clark, Illinois Regt. of VA
Killed in Indian battle
Son of Lt. Simeon, Brother of Capt. Thomas and Pvt. John Moore
Sponsor: Beverly Gerding of Georgetown TX

Captain Thomas MOORE
Born 1754 VA – died 25 Feb 1835 KY
Gen. Geo Rogers Clark, Illinois Regt of VA
1776 Capt. Pigman’s Co VA Militia
Battles of Kaskaskia, Vincennes
Married Elizabeth HABERSON 1782 Lincoln Co KY
His son John married Phebe Westerfield d/o James Westerfield & Phebe Cosine
Sponsor and Descendant: Beverly GERDING of Georgetown, TX

Ensign Gerardus (Sr) RYKER
Born 16 Nov 1740 Bergen Co NJ Died 15 Sep 1781 Jefferson Co KY
Capt. John Outwater’s Co., Col. Theunis Dey’s Reg’t, NJ state troops, 1780 1 yr
Pvt, Capt. Abram Blauvelt’s Co., Col Philip Van Cortland’s Regt, ‘76 for 6 mo.
Pvt, Capt Abraham Harring’s Co of rangers, Bergen Militia,1777 served 9 mo
Pvt, Capt John H. Costachius’ Co of rangers, Bergen Militia; 1778 served 9 mo.
Pvt, Capt. John Huyler’s Co of rangers, Bergen Militia; enl 1779 served 1 mo.
Battles of Long Island, White Plains, Munokee on Hackensack
He married Rachel DEMAREE 20 Nov 1762 New York
Gerardus was killed in the Long Run Massacre in Jefferson County, KY
Buried in a group grave near Eastwood Cemetery, no markers at all
His government marker will be placed at Old Mud 2009
Sponsor and Descendant: Donna GAINES of Holly Springs, NC

Pvt. Barnes “Barney” SMOCK
Born 5 Oct 1738 NJ — died after August 1812 KY
5th Class, Mt Pleasant Township York Co PA Militia 1780
Married Anne COSINE 1769 Conewago Colony PA
Burial believed in Mercer Co near Salvisa, Marker to be placed at Old Mud
Co-Sponsor Jim COZINE of Las Vegas, NV
Co-Sponsor David SMOCK of Weston, FL
Descendant to receive flag: Cordia Britton Jones

Pvt. John SMOCK
Baptized 3 Jun 1739 NJ — died July 1812 KY
1st Class, York Co PA Militia 1781
Married Sara “Sally” FONTAINE
Buried at Old Mud
Sponsor: David SMOCK of Weston, FL
Descendant to receive flag: Jim Cozine will receive for David Smock

Pvt. Jacob SORTORE/Sartore
Born 1730 Somerset Co NJ — died 1820 Mercer Co KY
Capt. Simon Duryea’s Co, 1st Bn 2nd Regt, Somerset Co NJ.
Married Maria DORLAND 1761 NJ
Buried in Mercer County, exact spot not known.
Sponsor and Descendant: Linda HAYES of Montrose, IA
Descendant to present Eulogy and receive flag: Jean Pollard of Stuttgart, AR

Captain James (Sjeems) STAGG
Born 18 Sep 1738 Bergen Co NJ Died 3 May 1826 Harrodsburg KY
Served in Col Tevis Dye’s Flying Camp, Hackensack Co, NJ Militia
Married Leah D. BREWER 13 Oct 1765 NJ
Buried Whitenack Cemetery, Mt Pleasant Churchyard, Mercer Co KY
His government “memorial” marker to be placed at Old Mud 2009
Sponsor and Descendant: James STREETER of Scottsville, KY
Descendant to receive flag 5th gr-grandson James Stagg)

Baptised 26 Sep 1746 Somerset Co NJ — died 1802 Mercer Co, KY
Major, 4th Battalion, York Co PA Militia, Colonial Army
Captain in York Co Militia 1776
Son of Annetje Dorland and Simon Van Arsdale
Married Aeltje “Ellen” Cosine about 1770 at Conewago Colony PA
Buried probably at New Providence, Mercer County; marker to be at Old Mud
Sponsor: Lee R. VAN ARSDALE of Cleveland, TX
Descendant to receive flag: Frances VanArsdale

Pvt. Peter VAN DER VEER (Vandivier)
Born about 1760 NJ — died 12 Mar 1823 KY
Capt Wm Jones Co, 2nd Regt under Col John Taylor
Somerset Co NJ Militia 1778-1780
Received certificates for depreciation of his Continental pay in the Rev. War
Married Anna LaGrange 1784 NJ
Buried VanderVeer cemetery on White’s Lane south of Harrodsburg
Sponsor: Jon HEAVENER of OKC, OK
Descendant: Homer DORRELL (81) of Indianapolis, IN