2017 Dutch Gathering


Who is coming? Who will we see? Who are our future leaders?

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SENT BY: Pam Ellingson

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PLEASE NOTE:  THIS IS THE LAST REMINDER YOU WILL RECEIVE BEFORE THE GATHERING! (I think). Also if there is any member who would like to become editor of the Dutch Letters, please speak up now.



Aug 20 (12 days ago)

to Carolyn


Westerfield Cousins- I will be bringing the display that I had two years ago. Please bring items to share and a printout of your line of descent from Jacobus Westerfield and Phoebe Cosine.



Hi Carolyn!

I am a descendant of Jost Hite who settled the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  We have our reunion every 5 years at Maj Isaac Hite’s plantation, Belle Grove.  I’m currently at the FGS Conference so I don’t have my notebooks, but I understand Jost came from a village in Germany and so far, the research doesn’t have the family going back to the Dutch.  However, now that you brought it up, I think I’ll check.

Sorry to be missing the reunion!  It is scheduled at the same time as our State Fall Forum (Virginia DAR conference) and as a chapter regent, it’s mandatory I attend.  Please give everyone my best.
Cat Claunch Schwetke
Regent, Fauquier Court House Chapter, NSDAR
SENT BY: Mr Lynn Rogers, 2017 Meeting Coordinator
Kathy Cumming (of Painted Stone) called me with some details of the Long Run Massacre/Floyd’s Defeat Re-enactment.  They really have rolled out the RED CARPET for the Dutch Cousins.  They have reserved one of the bleachers for us (no promises about interlopers).  They have arranged for us to set up two canopies at the top of the hill with one picnic table and several camp chairs for the mobility challenged.  A shuttle/trolley is planned if wet weather.  And a cooler with water! And the narrative will include some details about the Low Dutch involved.
Thanks Kathy and Painted Stone.
SENT BY: Past President John C. Westerfield
Hi Carolyn I got the minutes but did not receive any attachments.  I do not see any corrections that need to made to the minutes. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Frankfort next week.
Cousin John

NOTE:  John, the reports are quite lengthy and a short version is included in the minutes which went out last week, so we will have them at the meeting. Also one error has been reported and corrected, the spelling of Malcolm.
SENT BY: Eddie Price, presenter
It is Kentucky Author Eddie Price.   I spoke at last year’s Dutch Cousins Reunion at the History Center in Frankfort.   Things have relly gotten busy since then.  This year I auditioned for the Kentucky Chautauqua Program and was selected to portray Louisville-born jockey Roscoe Goose, the winner of the 1913 Kentucky Derby. This will begin in 2017 and run through 2020.  I will also be coming out with my next two children’s books, Little Miss Grubby Toes Plays With Matches and Little Miss Grubby Toes Falls in the Swimming Pool.  I am also hard at work to the sequel to the Kentucky historical fiction novel Widder’s Landing. 

Last night I presented “The Battle of Blue Licks” program for the “Painted Stone Settlers” at  Shelby County Public Library in Shelbyville, Kentucky.  I already knew the Dutch Cousins were planning to attend the Long Run Massacre in 2017 and spoke with Helen McKinney about it.    I can do multiple programs including “The Battle of Blue Licks” and the “Remember the Raisin programs.”  Please feel free to pass this on to whoever is in charge of scheduling for next time.  I will be happy to talk with anyone about doing programs.

I also travel to places wanting programs.  If any of your members want a good historical program (or possibly an additional writing program) in their area, I do love to travel!  Some groups/organizations work to get me into the schools for historical programs, writing programs, author programs, and especially the “Little Miss Grubby Toes” programs (which include singing, a puppet show, a PowerPoint slideshow on “Bees and the Good Things They Do For Us.”  Schools take care of the cost and the host historical organization can book me for free.

Eddie Price
SENT BY: Luther Davenport
My mother’s family were Hyatt’s.  Have found Hite as a spelling variation also Hiatt, Hitt, Hiet, others. My earliest is in Va around 1770’s can’t say for sure of originn but I recall something about Welsh
SENT BY: Tana Hamm
The  articles about Shell Oil and examples of fires and cell phones is an urban Legend.
Sent by:  Carolyn Leonard
President, Dutch Cousins of Kentucky
See you at Frankfort for the Dutch Cousins Gathering!

Carolyn Leonard
president, Dutch cousins of Kentucky
Now preparing for 9/8/2017 Dutch Cousins Gathering

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SENT BY Janice Cozine, Treasurer

We have about 92 cousins registered for this 7th Dutch Cousins of Kentucky gathering next week in Frankfort, not counting the six who are flooded in Houston and can’t make it. Keep them in your prayers whiile we carry on. Ruth and John Fox, Katherine Westerfield, Vickie Gray and Judy and Morris McKee.

Akers, Vince IN DEMAREE 1
Akers, Zachary IN DEMAREE 1
Banta, Malcolm & Betty Jo FL BANTA 2
Banta, Robert & Grace FL BANTA 2
Bantau, Carl MI BANTA 1
Brown, Anne & Nick TX WESTERFIELD 2
Burruss, Carolyn & Jim AL WESTERFIELD 2
Cole, King & Sharon TX STAGG 2
Cornine, Harold & Tracie MO CARNINE 2
Cozine, Eddie & Janice KY COZINE 2
Cozine, Larry & Geri IN COZINE 2
Deardorff, Demaree PA DEMAREE 1
Demaree, Bill & Betty IN DEMAREE 2
Dempsey, Rod KY 1
Ellingson, Pam WI WESTERFIELD 1
Fox, Ruth & John FL BANTA
Fulkerson, Tamara KY COZINE 1
Gasero, Russell & Maria NJ 2
Gohmann, Mary Jo & John IN Banta 2
Gregory, Paul KY VOORHEES / BOGART 1
Gudorf, Dennis & Susan OH 2
Heathcoat, Gene, Carol & David TX DUREE 3
Heavener, Jon & Carolyn (Leonard) OK COZINE / COSINE 2
Hoag, Bill & Gayle OK TERHUNE 2
Jones, Joseph KY 1
Karwatka, Carole & Dennis KY Westerfield 2
Keith, Buck & Charlotte IN WESTERFIELD 2
Knezic, David & Dawn MI BANTA 2
Love, Danny & Vickie W/Lynn W. IL WETERFIELD/WESTRVELT 2
Love, Jamie & Devon W/ Lynn W. IL WETERFIELD/WESTRVELT 2
McKee, Morris & Judy TX BANTA
Metcalf, Sharon & Jim KY COZINE 2
Murray, Richard & Joan IL BANTA 2
Olson, Charlotte & Dave IL TERHUNE 2
Perry, Denise Merideth TN WESTERFIELD / WESTERVELT 1
Prather, Damien KY HITE 1
Reynerson, Marc & Freda KY BANTA/REYNERSON 2
Rogers, Kay NM VORIS / VORHEES 1
Rogers, Lynn OH RYKER 1
Tangeman, Anne IN VAN VOORHEES 1
Taylor, Jack & Sue TX REYNERSON 2
Van Diver, Cecil & Marie KY VAN DIVER 2
Voreis, Larry & Suzanne SC VORIS / VORHEES / VAN VORHEES 2
Walker, Johnnie & Daniel TN COZINE 2
Welches, Emily & Anderson, Renee IN BANTA  VANARSDALL 2
Westerfield, Charlie & Marilyn KY WESTERFIELD 2
Westerfield, Gerald & Nancy IL WESTERFIELD 2
Westerfield, Jeff & Katherine NC WESTERFIELD 1
Westerfield, Jerry KY WESTERFIELD 1
Westerfield, John & Phyllis PA WESTERFIELD 2
Westerfield, Larry TN WESTERFIELD 1
Westerfield, Oscar FL WESTERFIELD 1
Westerfield, Tom KY WESTERFIELD 1
Westerfield, Tom & Shelia IL WESTERFIELD / WESTERVELT 2
Westerfield, Toni FL WESTERFIELD 1
Westerfield, Wes IL WESTERFIELD 1
Preston, Amalie KY 92