Minutes September 25, 2015 meeting

Our Secretary Denise M. Perry handles the minutes and reports, as well as assisting with editing and mailing out the Newsletter and maintaining a duplicate mailing address list.

Read carefully. If any errors are noted, please notify me immediately. If no corrections are received, the minutes will be approved at the meeting next week and filed.

Wow. Look at all we accomplished in 2015. What have we done since then?

2015 Dutch Cousins, 6th Gathering,
Business Meeting Minutes
11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Friday, September 25, 2015
Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, KY

The 2015 Dutch Cousins Gathering Business Meeting was called to order on September 25 at 11:00 by President John C. Westerfield of Pennsylvania in the Brown-Foreman Room of the Kentucky Historical Society.  All officers were present except for Tommy Green, Vice-President.  Fifty (50) or more Dutch Cousins attended the business meeting.

Parliamentarian Jim Cozine declared there was a quorum present to proceed with the business meeting as based on the bylaws of at least four of the six officers and directors, and any fifteen (15) members, who were not officers or directors.

President John C. Westerfield of PA gave the prayer, welcomed all and extended expressions of gratitude to those attending.
Secretary Carolyn Leonard of Oklahoma reported there were no corrections or objections to the 2013 minutes which were e-mailed to all Dutch Cousins.  Motion to approve was seconded and carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  Finance Chairman Vince Akers of Indiana discussed the financial audit after the resignation of Diana Davis and found no problems in the records.  He proposed that the Dutch Cousins donate $4000 for further Old Mud Renovations.
Gathering Committee Reports: Summary: (detailed reports attached)

  • Registration:  Janice Cozine of Kentucky reported a registration count of one hundred and thirty-nine (139) registrations for the 2015 Gathering.  Janice also provided a preliminary summary of meeting expenses and income (see Attachment A for final report)
  • Webmaster: Pam Ellingson of Wisconsin reported on the official website:  www.DutchCousins.org. statistics.
    • Statistics/Traffic:
      • Sept 21, 2013 to Sept 20, 2014- 423 visits
      • Sept 2014 to Sept 2015-  1,627 visits
      • Manually adding some Facebook postings
    • DutchCousins Website:
      • Requested link on Cyndi’s List – major index of genealogical related websites.
      • Manually adding some Facebook postings
    • Created bookmarks with URL for Dutch Cousins Website and Dutch Cousins in Kentucky on Facebook for the group
  • Publicity and planning:  Denise Perry of Tennessee reported she prepared and printed 525 copies of the biennial newsletter, which were emailed to all cousins on the email list and hard copies mailed to others. There were 25 hard copies returned due to incorrect addresses. The secretary requested members to please keep her advised of address changes due to the extra postal cost.

“Round Robin” letters from cousins, updating information and traveling instructions for the biennial Dutch Cousins gathering are being e-mailed to 867 families a few times a month by Carolyn Leonard of Oklahoma City. News reports were sent to 200 newspapers in Kentucky and other states.  The Dutch Cousins gathering is advertised regularly on several Facebook and other internet sites.

  • Treasurer’s Report:  Janice Cozine presented the treasurer’s report (attached), there were no corrections and it will be filed for audit.
  • Hospitality:  Gene and Carol Heathcoat of Texas reported they will serve coffee and pastries in the hallway outside the meeting room at the Kentucky Historical Society.
  • Silent Auction:  Phyllis Westerfield of Pennsylvania stated there were ninety-one (91) items given to the silent auction for the 2015 gathering raising $798.75 which will go into the Old Mud Restoration fund.  Bill amd Gail Hoag of Oklahoma will be the 2017 chairman.
  • Book Sale and Autograph Party. Joan Murray of Illinois coordinated these events on Saturday, Sept 29th from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Four authors from the Dutch Cousins had books to sell, and one cousin offered prints and notecards.  One guest from NJ brought books for sale on the Reformed Church in America.  Joan felt the small space allocated for the book sale was too crowded, making it difficult to maneuver.
  • Family Displays:  Pam Ellingson:  Pam offered an enticing prize of the book, “L.F. Tantillo Paints New York History” to one (1) of the people registered to exhibit by Sept 5. The book was won by Kerin Smith of Kansas.   Sixteen different family displays drew a great deal of attention.  Space was also an issue here for those who had large displays.
  • Tee-Shirts: Barbie Abbott Hamman of Kentucky ordered eighty (80) T-shirts with the 2015 Logo.  All of the new Tee-shirts were sold as were Tee-shirts from previous Gatherings. A profit of $445.20 will go into the Old Mud Restoration fund. Carole Karwatka met with the printer and picked up the Tee-Shirts.
  • Greeter: Gifts, & Badge Ribbons:  Barbie Abbott Hamman of Kentucky has a variety of Badge Ribbons for cousins to pick up at the registration table and several small gift bags with Kentucky related items to be presented to the speakers.
  • Photographer: Charlie Westerfield of Kentucky agreed to be the photographer for the weekend and cousins can order a CD of photos.
  • Programs:  Carolyn Leonard of Oklahoma City state the speakers for the 2015 Dutch Cousins Gathering are lined up and ready to provide a variety of topics. Charlie Westerfield of Kentucky kicked off the Gathering Thursday night with a photography montage set to music as he provided a narration of his photos.  Friday night Eddie Price presented “What I Saw at Cane Ridge Revival”.  He was followed by Larry Voreis, presenting “Reflections on Conewago Colony”.  Saturdayat noon, Greg Huber gave a presentation on “How the Dutch Built Their Barns”.  During the dinner on Saturday, Miss Kentucky 2015 Ramsey Carpenter of Hartford, Kentucky, played her Kentucky Fiddle and shared anecdotes of her music. The keynote speaker on Saturday night was Vince Akers of Indiana.  He presented “A Pictorial History of the Old Mud Meetinghouse”.
  • Bus Tour: Dr. Steven Henry of Kentucky reported on Friday’s Bus Tour led by Steve and his wife Heather French Henry. He said about 65 Dutch Cousins toured the History Center, the Capitol, and the Governor’s Mansion as well as The Old Governor’s Mansion, where he and Heather lived when first married.
  • Video/audio:  Jack Taylor of Kingwood Tx is making video recordings of the speakers, and Zach Akers will be recording audio to mix with the video of his dad Vince Akers.  These DVDs will be given to the speakers, and might possibly be available for purchase at the 2017 gathering.

OLD Business:
There was no old business for discussion.

New Business
President John Westerfield announced the resignation of Board member Barbara Whiteside and Introduced Malcomb Banta as a new Board member. Motion made, seconded and approved.

  • 2017 Dutch Cousins Gathering Coordinator is Mr. Lynn Rogers of Ohio.  He presented a proposal for Shelbyville, KY to be held on Sept 8-10, 2017.  This would coincide with the Reenactment of the Long Run Massacre.  Carolyn Leonard made a motion to accept Mr. Lynn Roger’s proposal, it was seconded and approved.  Volunteers were encouraged to contact Lynn to help with the planning.
  • Discussion was held on options for the 2019 Dutch Cousins Gathering.  One suggestion made to the group was Holland, Michigan. The downside is the distance back to Harrodsburg for Sunday worship in Old Mud which everyone looks forward to, Cousins are encouraged to email Secretary Denise Perry of Tennessee or any other officer of the Dutch Cousins with suggestions or proposals.
  • Nominations and Elections of Officers
    • Nomination committee report
      Executive Committee:

      President:  Carolyn Leonard of Oklahoma
      Vice-President: Charlie Westerfield of Kentucky
      Secretary: Denise Merideth Perry of Tennessee
      Treasurer: Janice Cozine of Kentucky
      Webmaster:  Pam Ellingson of Wisconsin
      Finance Chairman: Vince Akers of Indiana
    • Board of Directors:
      Barbie Abbott Hamman of Kentucky
      Jim Cozine of Nevada
      Malcomb Banta of Florida
      President Emeritus Claude Westerfield of Iowa
  • Election of Officers:  There were no nominations from the floor.  A motion was made to accept the slate of nominations, seconded and carried.  Outgoing President John C. Westerfield of Pennsylvania congratulated the incoming President Carolyn Leonard of Oklahoma, who will assume office at the close of business on Sunday.

The Meeting adjourned at 1:00.  Most business can be conducted by email, so unless an emergency arises the next business meeting will be at the 7th Dutch Cousins Gathering in 2017 in Frankfort and Harrodsburg.
Denise Merideth Perry,

Attachment A:  Combined Reports