Stop! Don’t hit the Unsubscribe button by accident.

(Photo at 2017 Dutch Cousins on Thursday September 7 thanks to Lynn Rogers, 2017 Gathering coordinator; Flags furnished by SAR.)

Recently one of our Dutch Cousins contacted me to say she had not been receiving her DC Letters and wanted to know why.
She had first checked her spam folder to be sure the Letters were not being routed into SPAM by her provider.

I checked with Mail Chimp, my mailing company, and learned she had unsubscribed.  When I relayed that message to our cousin, she said it must have been an accident.  Or she may have unsubbed before going on vacation and didn’t want her mailbox stuffed.

I thought it would be easy to get her back on the list but it was not. We finally got her back on, but it was NOT easy.

Here’s what Mail Chimp says:  When a subscribed contact clicks the unsubscribe link in your MailChimp campaign, or when you manually unsubscribe a contact, the system assumes it was done on purpose and changes the contact’s email marketing status.

  • MailChimp respects any contact’s request to be unsubscribed from your email list. Contacts who unsubscribe themselves cannot be re-listed.

Resubscribe with Double Opt-In

When a contact who unsubscribed wants to resubscribe, they should sign up again on your MailChimp-hosted signup form. This form uses the double opt-in process by default, which captures the date and time the contact gave you permission to send them emails. This helps establish confirmation that the contact wants to receive your marketing emails.

If someone has contacted you to ask about resubscribing, send them a link to your signup form. Contacts who unsubscribe themselves will need to resubscribe through your signup form. (guess what? I don’t have one)

If you need to un-sub for a while, instead of clicking unsubscribe, please send me an email requesting your name be removed from the email list.  I will follow your instructions, and then when you want back on, I can do it!


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