Letters after the 2017 meeting!

Photo at the Painted Stone Settlers re-enactment of the Long Run Massacre and Floyd’s Defeat, near Shelbyville, KY on Saturday September 9, 2017.  Photo by Lynn Rogers, Dutch Cousins Gathering Co-ordinator.

Happy Memories of the 2017 Gathering of Dutch Cousins.

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We had another successful, educational, FUN, Dutch Gathering weekend in Kentucky.

We were in Frankfort Wednesday to Saturday last week, and then on to Harrodsburg on Sunday for an 1800s Dutch Reformed worship service in the old Mud Meetinghouse built by our Dutch ancestors.

We had planned to go on to SW Virginia adter a research day on Monday in Harrodsburg. We planned to do some research on The Engineer’s LARGE and GOBLE/GOBBLE families for the book-in-progress AMERICAN ODYSSEY, but a noisy water pump in our 2012 Toyota Camry and predictions of heavy rain around Abingdon all week called our bluff.

Since so many have emailed to ask about the car, HERE’S the report. Eddie sent us to Floyd’s Frankfort Toyota where they got us in early Monday, found the water pump and sent us on our way early afternoon.  The even better news is the bill was going to be $845 before Jon dug out the warranty papers, so there was no charge!  Thank you cousins!

We got back home Wednesday night, thanks to help from so many Dutch Cousins – especially Eddie and Janice Cozine, The Merideth Sisters  – Barbara and Denise, Lynn Rogers, Charlie & Marilyn Westerfield, and others.

I usually take a lot of photos at the Gatherings – but this year I didn’t take more than 4 or 5 pictures.  Don’t think Charlie took as many as usual either, so PLEASE all of you who took pics, please share them here in my Dropbox Sharing account, no size restriction: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jfesttx5dk9i7xs/AACwwCsuqS45oSHfzJuJSESza?dl=0.

I’ll give you a byline when I use them in the DC Letters,

Carolyn & Jon

Many thanks to you and your board for having me as a speaker at your wonderful reunion. I’m glad the subject was of such interest. I would suggest that you send out one of your “magic emails” to find out if everyone who wants a discounted AncestryDNA test got both the discount code and the link, which I put up on the screen after my talk today. If not, they can let you know and request the info from you. I forwarded it to you earlier.

Please remind them that this is for use only within your membership.

Thanks again!

NOTE:  The Discount code is DNA20BA
The Painted Stone gang truly rolled out the red carpet for the Dutch Cousins.  The ticket revenue we provided probably was all gravy, but I still would vote for sending them $100.

1) reserved bleacher; 2) shuttle; 3) canopy at bleachers with straw bale seating; 4) water at the blue canopies at the top of the grade, etc, etc.
Thanks to everyone, it all went smoothly enough.

Lynn Rogers
sent by: Janice & Eddie Cozine

Hi Carolyn & Jon.
Just checkin’ in on you….

Eddie talked with Jon Monday morning when he was at the dealership waiting on your car to be repaired.
Glad you got in quickly.
Hope you two are on the road enjoying yourself again.

Just wondering if you went on to VA or did you head home from being worn out from the BUSY weekend?

Janice & Eddie

NOTE in reply:  I slept most of the 3-days of Jon driving us home.  Still have 2 more suitcases and 2 boxes to unpack.  So thankful we went – It was all worth it and so good to see our cousins again,  Love all of them.
SENT BY Richard & Joan Murray

Carolyn,  I hope you have arrived safely back home at this time.  I am just reminding you that I have not received any Dutch Cousins Newsletters for quite a long period of time.  The only ones I received were those sent to the Reunion Committee and the registration for the reunion.  I enjoyed my time at Dutch Cousins and always leave learning something I did not know before I arrived.   Hugs, Joan
Thanks to Clifty Creek Chapter, Indiana Society SAR for the loan of their flags to us for our Dutch Cousins 2017 Gathering in Frankfort Kentucky.  They had a place of honor at the speaker’s podium for three days of meetings, and especially when we had the Pledge of Allegiance.

I am a member of Clifty SAR (Lee, my 92 year old brother, Lee Rogers, is also a member and has 12 SAR proven ancestors).  I picked up the flags after attending the meeting Tu Sep 5.  I had confirmation that they were returned by Dutch Cousin and Madison IN resident Bill Demaree.
On my way to Dayton from Harrodsburg, I diverted thru Red Orchard Park to pick up my canopies.  They were not where I was told that they would be. Communications failed; the Painted Stone people decided there were too many people around to trust, so they put my canopies in their trailer.  And we are in the process of arranging how I can pick them up.
(combined 3 emails by Carolyn)
SENT BY: Barbara Whiteside
Thought that HITE was a familiar name…….I did research on some of my Germanna Colony lines. [and my husband] ..many came into KY….Coons/Kunze, Clore/Klaar, Maijer, and others……..anyone interested might want to check the germanna surnames list and dig further…….

SENT BY: Cynthia VannAusdall
I was so tickled to see my VANN Family History table in the photo with the recent Dutch Letters.  I wish I could come but it just isn’t possible this year.  Thanks for making my day.
SENT BY: The Weekly Genealogist
Ancestral Surname Changes
by Lynn Betlock, Managing Editor

Leslie Vaughn of Palm Coast, Florida: My step-grandfather, Herman Heiden, was born in Germany in 1889 and came to Wyoming as a young boy. His older brother got into a bar fight and thought he’d killed someone. The brother ran, and took Herman with him.

They went to North Dakota and assumed a new surname; Herman Heiden became Charles Bailey. Herman married as a Bailey and had eight children. After his wife died, “Charles” married my widowed grandmother and had two children. Somehow my grandmother found out about the name change. She was livid, and made him change his name back and changed her children’s names from Bailey to Heiden. Two final children were named Heiden.

They found out that no murder had occurred–the “dead” man was just knocked out and had fully recovered.

Herman’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren from his first marriage use the name Bailey, and the children and grandchildren from the second marriage use Heiden.
SENT BY:Jackie Wells Lubinski 
“Snip—Are Hite’s considered Low Dutch”
Hi Carolyn,
I do not know if anyone has addressed this question, so here is my take on it.

A few years ago on the program “Who Do You Think You Are?” was celebrity singer Tim McGraw and they did his ancestry which led back to his 8th ggrandparents Joost Hite and Anna Maria Merckle. Both of them were born in Bonfield, Neckarland, Baden, Wurttemberg, Germany. They came to America in 1709, eventually settling in Virginia. I had Hite names related to me in my file so I took the information down and followed the line thru. The following is where descendents may be considered Low Dutch.

Joost’s son John Hite b. 1714 married Sarah Elting, and Joost’s other son Isaac Hite, Sr. b. 1723 married Sarah’s sister Alida Elting–daughters of Cornelius Elting and Rebecca Van Meteren of Hurley and Kingston in Ulster Co., New York. Both of these families—Elting and Van Meteren—were Dutch immigrants from Holland. My records show that at least 5 of Joost and Anna Hite’s children settled in Pennsylvania, so there was definitely a Hite presence in Pennsylvania with two of the wives being of Dutch decent. I have not followed out all of the Hite lines, just the ones that connected to the Elting and Van Meteren lines, as they are related to me thru my French DuBois ancestor Louis DuBois who with 11 others founded the town of New Paltz, New York.

One line of John Hite and Sarah Elting’s descendents went from Virginia to Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, and ended up in Arkansas with 8th generation descendant Sam Walton—the Wal-Mart founder.

Tim McGraw’s line comes from Joost’s daughter Mary Magdalena Hite and spouse Jacob Crisman. This line was in Virginia and Missouri.

Isaac’s line stayed in Virginia for a few generations until 6th generation descendent George William Patton and wife Ruth Wilson moved to California and had son General George S. Patton.

My records have Isaac’s daughter Sarah Hite marrying a Jonathan Clark and they were the first ones that I have in my files that moved to Kentucky.

Whether the Hite family would be considered “Low Dutch” I leave that up to your interpretation, but at least some of the line does have Dutch Ancestry.
SENT BY: JIM COZINEI found the sheet Mr Weaner made up for placement of an Historical marker at Conewago.

The proposed text was:

He showed the site he believed to be the location of the church on a present-day plate map on the NW corner  at the junction of York and Coleman roads

He proposed the site for the marker just to the east of this on York Road ( US 30) where there is an island created from a straightening out of a curve in the right-of-way of the old and new road beds some 18 ft long by 2 foot wide.

NOTE FROM CAROLYN:  Board member Malcolm Banta is in charge of the project to place a marker for the Conewago Colony, and hopes to include the BANTA CABIN, both cemeteries, and Dutch property ownership in the historical information.
SENT BY: from the NY Times, by Gina Kolata

With a Drop of Saliva, Family Histories Are RewrittenGenetics researchers generally know which DNA sequences originated on which continents. But pinpointing a particular country of origin, as many testing services claim to do, is far trickier.

Scientists simply do not have good data on the genetic characteristics of particular countries in, say, East Africa or East Asia. Even in more developed regions, distinguishing between Polish and, for instance, Russian heritage is inexact at best.

The precise numbers offered by some testing services raise eyebrows among genetics researchers. “It’s all privatized science, and the algorithms are not generally available for peer review,” Dr. Marks said.

“That’s why their ads always specify that this is for recreational purposes only: lawyer-speak for, ‘These results have no scientific standing.’”

For many, though, the point of DNA testing has nothing to do with ethnicity.
Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/28/science/dna-tests-ancestry.html
SENT BY: Pam Ellingson

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