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The Westerfields had the largest family group attending our wonderful Dutch Cousins of Kentucky in 2017.

Would anyone like to send us a list of names to go with the photo?

SENT BY: Carolyn (herself) Leonard
Maybe you noticed my Engineer walking “like a duck” at the Cousins Gathering last month in Kentucky. Jon had been having pain in his leg & hips, so about a month before the event (in August) an ortho doc gave him a steroid injection. That eased the pain so he kept walking on it. (Big mistake – but we didn’t want to miss the DUTCH COUSINS!)  His hip was bone on bone and that friction caused a stress fracture in the joint.

We went to a different ortho doc.  Dr. Jacob really gave him a lecture about staying off his leg until he could fit Jon into his operating room schedule.  I didn’t realize how much I depended on my ol’ Blue Eyes. He was in a lot of pain and on a walker. We finally made on the schedule this week.

The Engineer had a total hip implant robotically on Tuesday noon, back to his room about 2:30 or 3, and could have gone home Wednesday afternoon but decided to stay another night just to be safe. The surgery went perfectly and his recovery is amazing. We came home from the hospital (Thursday) and he says on a scale of 1 to 10 his pain is about a 1.  He has all those hip precautions – you know, can’t bend over, can’t wait on himself, can’t drive, can’t, can’t, can’t, for at least a month, and is on a walker for now. The former army Lieutenant re-emerged and keeps me running.  Now it is Saturday, and he still says he has no pain as long as he is not doing anything strenuous.

The home health nurse visited today and started physical therapy. Even so, just a few hours after surgery the hospital PT had him up walking, full weight bearing.   –of course, that was before the pain block wore off.

I had a total hip implant five years ago after a car accident, and there is a big difference since then. I would encourage anyone with a bad hip to stop dreading it and “get ‘er done.”

Thanks for all the prayers!! Now I promise to get on the ball and start sending more Dutch Gathering reports and photos as I begin to catch up.

Carolyn L. & Jon Heavener

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SENT BY: Martha Banta  Boltz
Dear Carolyn—- sorry I could not make it this year, just being sick and too much going on nailed it.  I read below in Vince Akers note about Leah Demarest.   All that was in the midst of the Indian forays and I am still trying to find out where my 1% of Indian blood comes from. I remembered something from a book that in those battles and attacks, at some time one of the Banta/Demarest bunch was kidnapped and kept by the Indians for a year or two and then released.   That would or could be when a half-Indian was produced,  IMHO.     Can you pass this on to anyone who might have further info?  I’d really like to know.   The DNA chart does not name any tribe, but my usual assumption was Cherokee until I read about the Iroquois who also attacked us and that added another possibility.  Please feel free to send this to anyone who might have information.   Many thanks, Martha

Carolyn,  Our property in Tampa came through with minimal damage;  limbs
blown down, 1-2 trees down but no loss of power to my house and Oscar’s
house.  Oscar’s daughter and neighbors did lose power for a week before
Tampa Electric were able to get it back on.  We were so lucky.  A more
distant cousin further south , east of Sarasota basically had her house
destroyed.    Larry is in Tenn and only got some rain and wind from Irma.
Tom, in Lexington, and myself only got a moderate amount of rain and some
wind but no problem.   We all enjoyed the Dutch Cousins get together.  You
and the other executives did a great job in organizing and running it.
Thanks so much.   JDW

SENT BY: Harold & Tracie Cornine
Left KY and came to Conewago…beautiful country.  If Malcolm needs help with his Conewago project just give me a call.
SENT BY: Carla & John Gerding 
dear Carolyn,
I was thinking so hard about all of you and wishing I could have attended.  The program sounded the best yet.  My husband John was in the Hospital four days this last week? . .my life is never planned any more.   Hopefully I can rejoin at some time.  Carla

NOTE from Carolyn:  We all missed you Carla.  Especially when we watched Mary Jo Gohmann’s video “Footprints to New York” again. Saying prayers for you and John Gerding.
SENT BY: Wayne Westerfield, New Orleans
Please add me to the Dutch Cousins mailing list.  I am one of Claude Westerfield’s sons and my information is included.

SENT BY: Harold Carnine

The records at the Adams historical society had the cemetery annual reports only through the early 2000’s. The wall around the cemetery is in poor shape and will have to  be fixed or it will completely crumble.  However the yard was mowed, clean and looked nice. I will send you a couple of pictures from this week so you can see the problems.

Note from Carolyn: Good to know the Adams Co HS still has copies of Arthur Weaner’s “Taxables: The Low Dutch Settlement of the Conewago, York County, Pa., 1762-1799.” I couldn’t find it available anywhere on the internet.

Harold’s reply: The book cost $10 and they seemed to have a good supply. It was the 1997 revision with the index added, the remainder of the content remained (pretty much) unchanged.  I do receive the newsletter.  The records at the historical society had the cemetery annual reports only through the early 2000’s. The wall around the cemetery is in poor shape and will have to  be fixed or it will completely crumble.  However the yard was mowed, clean and looked nice. I will send you a couple of pictures from this week so you can see the problems.

Note from Carolyn: Adams County Historical Society
368 Springs Avenue,
Gettysburg, PA 17325
WEBPAGE:  http://www.achs-pa.org/
FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/ACHS.PA
Public Hours: Wednesday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. & 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Additional hours on Thursday evenings from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Address for donations to the Conewago cemeteries fund, ask for an annual report and send to:
Donald Lott
140 Westview Drive
Elizabethtown, PA 17002

SENT BY: Yvette Hotink

There are HUGE digitization projects going on in the Netherlands. So if it’s been a while since you’ve checked what’s available online, check again. The record you need may be waiting for you.

For an overview of online records, see Digital Resources Netherlands and Belgium. (NOTE: if you can read DUTCH.)

  • 30,000 scans of records about the Dutch West India Company (WIC) and Dutch East India Company (VOC) from the archives of the States General have been added to the gahetNA website of the National Archives. View the scans in the finding aid of the States General.(NOTE: if you can read DUTCH.)
  • These records are especially valuable since many of the early WIC records were sold for scrap paper, so the records in the States General records are sometimes the only surviving copies. The records include Adriaen van der Donck’s Beschrijvinge van Nieuw Nederlant [Description of New Netherland] from 1655, that was an important source for Russell Shorto’s famous book Island at the Center of the World.

SENT BY: Mary Townsend Bates
Hi Carolyn,

I found out while researching my Dutch lineage for DAR that I have five Dutch patriots that served in the Revolutionary War.  This was researched through a geneologist by the name of Cindy Hays in Washington, DC.  I will be happy to supply what I know to anyone else that is applying and has any of these ancestors.  It has to be direct line for DAR to accept.

1.  Garret Terhune
2.  Barnet Rynearson, father of Garret Terhune, Jr’s wife Rachel
3.  Baker Ewing
4.  Isaac Van Nuys
5.  David Morse/Moss
SENT BY:  (where is YOUR report on the Dutch Cousins Gathering?)


Carolyn Leonard
Editor, Dutch cousins of Kentucky

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