Letters 10/28/2017

Frankfort KY, September 2017. Had a Wonderful time. Hope you were there.
SENT BY: Harold & Tracie Cornine
Left KY and came to Conewago…beautiful country.  If Malcolm needs help with his Conewago project just give me a call.
SENT BY: Mary Jo Gohmann

Hello Carolyn,

We truly hope that Jon continues to progress in healing. After having hip replacement myself this past summer, I can not say enough about physical therapy for positive results. As my PT would often say “Motion is lotion!”Duree descendants From left Amalie Preston, Mary Jo Gohmann, David Heathcoat and his parents Gene and Carol Heathcoat.Thank you, Carolyn , Janice, and all the fine people who made the Dutch Cousins Reunion so enjoyable. It takes a lot of planning and work behind the scenes for such an event to be a success.

We had to leave before the service at Old Mud due to constant phone calls and concerns about our place in the Florida and Irma’s destructive path. We did have significant damage as it seems a tornado hit our porch and tore off the shutters. Our wicker furniture was found in the trees with the screens wrapped around the pieces. There was some water damage inside our condo but good friends mopped up the standing water and threw out the soaked rugs. Still getting estimates and contacting very busy workmen. Eventually, everything will be settled and we just need to be patient. Objects can be replaced but lives cannot, and we are thankful that the casualties in Florida were few.

Again, healing thoughts and prayers are sent to Jon and you, Carolyn as his TLC person!


Mary Jo

SENT BY: Rodney Dempsey, a Demotte descendant.

God bless you and Jon, Carolyn. You two have been through a lot with your health, but you are both tough old Dutch Birds. Okies know how to continue to exist. Tough people.

Please keep me on the list. The 2017 Gathering was one of the very best.



SENT BY:  Carolyn Buruss (identifying Westerfields)

From Carolyn (not herself, but the other one:  Carolyn Burruss)

I received your update of Oct. 14.  Thank you for all the coordinating of information you do for our group.  I have only a few names to add to the faces in the group:

(1)   Carolyn  Burruss (myself) is standing beside you, and my husband (2) Jim is standing next to me, wearing a light blue shirt.

(3)Next to my husband is a blond lady, Caroline Payne from my hometown of Owensboro.  She is standing on the same row with us. She still lives in Owensboro, but I moved away after college. FYI she pronounces her name just the way you and I pronounce ours, so that makes three of us.

(4)On the same row, but on the other side of you are two sisters who now call Missouri home. They have a wealth of information about the Westerfield family and are very friendly. One of the sisters (the younger one, I think) gave me her name and address:  Barbara Meredith, 335 County Highway 534, Caruthersville, MO, Zip code is almost unreadable but I think it is 63830.

(5) I also met a lady from Cullman AL about 70 miles from me. Her son had just seen some information about the “Gathering” and brought her.  We have corresponded and exchanged information since then.  I am not sure that she was there in time to get in the picture, but if she was, I would say that she is “mostly” there in the photo.  She would be the lady who got cropped on the back row. And that does look like her face and the patterned blouse she wore that day. Her name is Sue Westerfield.

I hope this small bit of information will be of some help.


The other Carolyn


SENT BY: Steve & Heather Henry

Miss Carolyn. We just love you so much. Thank you for everything you do


SENT BY: R. W. “Wes” Westerfield


Thank you for all your work on the Dutch Cousins.  I’m a newby and am still getting myself together on the history of the DC families.  One thing that would be helpful to me is to be able to refer to a history of the cousins leaving New Amsterdam and moving west.  Can you direct me to a source for this?

R. W. “Wes” Westerfield


SENT BY: Mary Elizabeth Cadei

My father John William Cadei is the son of Francis Livingston, born 1908 Frankfort, Kentucky and died 2004 Paradise, California.

I came across your Organization and I would love to join. Hendrick Banta is my 7th Great Grandfather.


SENT BY: Marion Bauer

Carolyn, just reading this and I am sure Jon is doing REALLY well with his new hip. Glad he “had er done!”



SENT BY: Mr Lynn Rogers, Dayton OH, Coordinator 2017

During the Dutch Cousins 2015 Gathering, there was discussion about the program for the next Gathering.  There was interest in the Re-enactment of the Long Run Massacre and Floyd’s Defeat and there was recent research on the Westerfield Massacre.  This was especially appropriate since the Dutch Cousins grew out of the Westerfield Family Association by adding collateral surname lines and finally welcoming all who are interested in the Kentucky Low Dutch Company Genealogy and History.  The date was selected to coincide with the Re-enactment of the Long Run Massacre and Floyd’s Defeat produced annually by The Painted Stone Settlers, Inc., www.paintedstonesettlers.org  The Capital Plaza Hotel for lodging and the Kentucky Historical Society for our meetings were selected based on favorable rates and our wonderful 2015 experience with them.

Mr. Lynn Rogers, a Ryker cousin and the excellent 2017 Dutch Cousins Coordinator.

The Saturday excursion included a full busload of 55 plus about 10 who traveled by private vehicle. The Re-enactment retells the story of Squire Boone’s Painted Stone Station and the real people – many of our Dutch ancestors – who lived it. There were various demonstrations of heritage skills such as spinning, weaving, fire starting, customs of the 18th century and blacksmithing.  Militia life and a Native American campsite were also depicted.  Visitors experienced an 18th century cannon, got a taste of militia life and engaged in lively conversation with costumed interpreters.

Vince Akers is the author of a three-part series beginning in the Fall 2017 issue of Bluegrass Roots; it provides extensive documentation that the Westerfield Massacre happened on April 3, 1781 at Clear’s Station (near exit 121 of I-65 in Shepherdsville KY). A Kentucky Historical Marker is being considered to commemorate the event.

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SENT BY:Carolyn Leonard

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