Minutes of 2017 meeting Dutch Cousins

Outgoing officers from left: Denise M. Perry, Janice Cozine, Carolyn Leonard, Pam Ellingson, Charlie Westerfield

Any changes or corrections to the minutes, please reply.

2017 Dutch Cousins, 7th Gathering,
Business Meeting Minutes
11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Friday, September 8, 2017
Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, KY

The 2017 Dutch Cousins Gathering Business Meeting was called to order on September 8, 2017 at 11:00 by President Carolyn Leonard of Oklahoma in the Brown-Foreman Room of the Kentucky Historical Society.  All six officers and two directors were present.  Fifty (50) or more Dutch Cousins attended the business meeting.
Parliamentarian Mary Jo Gohmann of Kentucky declared a quorum present to proceed with the business meeting, as based on the bylaws requiring the presence of at least four of the six (6) officers and directors, and any fifteen (15) members who are not officers or directors.
King Cole of Texas led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Jeff Westerfield of North Carolina provided the opening prayer.
Minutes:  Carolyn Leonard reported the 2015 minutes were emailed to the members earlier, with three corrections suggested.  Denise Perry reported the three corrections as follows:
1.  Corrected spelling of Malcom Banta (from Malcomb.)
2.  Corrected location of 2017 meeting from Shelbyville to Frankfort, KY.
3.  Modified the statement regarding T-Shirt sales to read:  Total profit from the T-shirts was     $437.80
No additions or corrections were contributed from the floor.  Barbara Merideth of Missouri made the motion to accept the 2015 minutes with the noted corrections.  Seconded and approved.
Treasurer’s Report:  Janice Cozine of Kentucky provided the Treasurer’s Report:
The ending balance from 2015:                                 $5,286.74.
Donation to Old Mud meeting 2015:                         $4,000.00
Opening balance for 2017 meeting:                          $1,286.74
See attachment A for 2017 Dutch Cousin’s Treasurer’s Report.  A final report will be filed for audit.
Gathering Committee Reports:

  • Coordinator & Heritage Tables                            Lynn Rogers  of Ohio
    reported the date for the 2017 Gathering was selected to coincide with the Re-enactment of the Long Run Massacre and Floyd’s Defeat produced annually by The Painted Stone Settlers, Inc., www.paintedstonesettlers.org  That event tied in nicely with Vince Akers documentation that the Westerfield Massacre occurred April 3, 1781 at Clear’s Station (near Shepherdsville KY), giving rise to a possible Historical Marker.  The Saturday excursion included a full bus load of 55 plus about ten (10) who traveled by private vehicle to the Re-enactment.  The Capital Plaza Hotel for lodging and the Kentucky Historical Society for our meetings were selected based on favorable rates and our wonderful 2015 experience.
  • Lynn Rogers made all arrangements for the Saturday excursion, seating, shelters, and announcements.  Rod Dempsey of Kentucky made all the arrangements for the R&R Limousine bus company for transportation. Lynn borrowed flags from the SAR for the podium, and hung the Welcome Banners in the meeting hall as well as communicating with the KY historical Society’s technical advisor.
  • Heritage Tables:  Lynn also oversaw signup and placement of family history displays.  The following seven (7) people provided the Heritage Table Set up located at the back of the meeting room:

Cozine descendants chart     Eddie Cozine
Westerfield:                            Pam Ellingson
Westerfield:                            Earl Westerfield
Rynerson, Banta:                   Marc Reynerson
Rynerson, Banta                     Jack Taylor
Banta, Vanarsdall                    Emily Welches
Ryker, Smock, Demaree, Massacre     Lynn Rogers
Book Sales                              Joan Murray
DAR/SAR                                Charlotte Legg Olson
Large Historical Document/Maps from 1700’s      Vince Akers

The committee of judges selected Emily Welches’ exhibit as the winner of the first place award for the family history tables. Thanks to all who participated.

  • Registration   Janice Cozine of Kentucky
    reported there were 111 attended.  Janice also provided a preliminary summary of meeting expenses and income (see Attachment A for final report). Janice also tested and selected the menus for Family Affair Caterers.  Thanks to Janice’s contacts at the Kentucky Historical Society, she was able to arrange a lower rental fee for this year.
  • Financial / Audit Report:  Vince Akers of Indiana   The 2015 Reunion accounting report was closed out promptly after the gathering.  Vince made the recommendation to approve the 2015 accounts.  He has done a preliminary 2017 Reunion accounting and finds everything in order.  Vince offered a special thank you to Treasurer Janice Cozine for her excellent record keeping.
  • Webmaster: Pam Ellingson of Wisconsin reported on the official Dutch Cousins website; www.dutchcousins.org
    • The website has been updated and moved to a new hosting site due to reaching maximum capacity.  Jeremy Westerfield volunteered to create a new site and is covering the cost of hosting the new website for the first three years.
      • Pam transferred 229 newsletters from 2011 – 2016 to the new website
    • Statistics/Traffic:
      • Sept 21, 2013 to Sept 20, 2014  – 423 visits
      • Sept 2014 to Sept 2015  – 1,627 visits
      • Sept 2015 to Oct 2016   – 1,031 visits
      • Sept 2016 to Aug 2017       – 1,420 visits
    • Pam made a motion to approve adding the position of technical website adviser and to appoint Jeremy Westerfield to the position.  The motion was seconded and approved.
    • The cost of website hosting will need to be added to budget for 2020.
  • Program speakers: Carolyn Leonard of Oklahoma stated the speakers for the 2017 Dutch Cousins Gathering are lined up and ready to provide a variety of topics.
    • Thursday night, after setting up the room and displays by the chairpersons, Debra Rinard of Kentucky presented “The ABCs of DNA.” We were unable to distribute and collect DNA samples as planned because The FamilyTreeDNA warehouse was badly damaged in last week’s Houston, Texas hurricane.  This did not allow the products to be shipped in time, so Ms. Rinard also presented “DNA Project, Info & Collecting or Getting Acquainted with Ancestry DNA” on Friday.
    • Friday:  Cheri Daniels, KY Historical Society Senior Librarian/ Reference Specialist and editor of “Blue Grass Roots” magazine spoke on researching “Dutch History in Kentucky,” Amalie Preston of Kentucky spoke on “Exciting events at the Old Mud Meetinghouse” and “Donate your Genealogy to Low Dutch Archives.”  JoAnn Adams, from the 6-mile Old Dutch Meetinghouse of Pleasureville, KY, showed how our ancestors made amazing fabric creations from wool for their homes.  Vince Akers presented the Keynote on Friday evening, “Low Dutch Massacres and Defeats.”
    • Saturday, after Group Photos is the trip to Shelbyville for the Long Run Massacre re-enactment by the Painted Stone Settlers group.  Saturday night keynote speaker, Eddie Price presented in costume “Remember the Raisin” in regard to the 1812 war in Kentucky.
    • Sunday:  Caravan to Harrodsburg for an 1800s worship service and communion at the Old Mud Meeting house; conducted by Russell Gasero, archivist of the Reformed Church Archives in New Jersey.  Many of our Dutch Cousins volunteered to serve as elders, deacons, and ushers.
  • Dutch Tee Shirts Fundraiser  Dennis & Carole Karwatka of Kentucky
    stated she preordered 82 bright purple tee shirts from her local Holbrooks Embroidery Plus store in Morehead, Kentucky at a cost of $644.48. She ordered 125 matching bags online from Crestline at a cost of $434.82, which were mailed direct to her.  When the shirts were ready Carole picked them up, ironed all the bags and shirts, and brought them to the 2017 gathering.  Still on hand are three 2017 Purple Tee Shirts, and 27 Tee Shirts from previous years; 70 purple tote bags, 25 red bags, and 62 white bags.  These extras were left with the treasurer Janice Cozine to store until the next Dutch Cousins gathering in 2019.
  • Hospitality    Gene & Carol Heathcoat of Texas,
    reported they served coffee and pastries in the hallway outside the meeting room at the Kentucky Historical Society on Friday and Saturday.
  • Book Displays      Joan Murray of Illinois
    coordinated the book display in the meeting room.  Books authored by Joan Murray and Carolyn Leonard were offered for signing and sale.  Grace Banta’s book;  “Gracelia, No One’s Child”  was displayed and promoted as demonstrating how to write a family history.
  • Silent Auction   Bill & Gail Hoag of Oklahoma
    stated there were 51 items given to the silent auction for the 2017 gathering raising $582.00.
  • Publicity & Planning  Denise Merideth Perry of Tennessee reported she printed 570 copies of the biennial newsletter, prepared by Carolyn Leonard, which were mailed to cousins on the mailing list. There were 30 returned due to incorrect addresses and remailed.
    • Carolyn Leonard of Oklahoma City emails The Dutch Letters, a “Round Robin” of letters from cousins, updating information and information about the biennial Dutch Cousins gathering.  The Letters go to almost 600 families several times a month. She sent press report(s) to ten newspapers in Kentucky and other states. The Dutch Cousins gathering is advertised regularly on several Facebook and internet sites.
  • HHS Dutch archives & Research Day   Amalie Preston of Kentucky discussed activities occurring with the Harrodsburg, KY Dutch Archives.  A $10,000 donation has been received from Corning Incorporated towards restoration at the Old School.  Monday, Sept 11, the Historical Society Research Library will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for research.  Plans for the Old Schoolhouse are being developed, including the configuration of bathrooms and a dressing room.  These facilities are needed to enable events to be held at the Old Mud Meeting House including weddings and baptisms.  Three weddings have already been held there in 2017, including the wedding of Hope Steele Hasty, one of our Dutch Cousins who is a Cozine descendant.
  • Photography   Charlie Westerfield of Kentucky remains the official photographer for the event.   A CD can be ordered for a small ($10) fee.  A group photograph and family surname pictures were taken on Saturday, Sept 9.
  • Surname Banners  Tamara Fulkerson of Kentucky displayed the surname banners she created.  These were displayed on the tables and will be used during picture taking by surname.  There were 57 Dutch family surnames represented.
  • DAR/SAR Charlotte Olson of Illinois was introduced to the group.  She came to assist attendees with DAR and SAR research and had lots of cousins keeping her table busy during the event.
  • Conewago Project   Malcolm Banta of Florida
    presented the status of a project to obtain Pennsylvania Historical Markers for the following sites: The Reformed Dutch Church of Conewago Colony; The Northern Low Dutch Cemetery; The Southern Low Dutch Cemetery; and “Father” Henry Banta’s Cabin near the northern cemetery on Swift Run Road.  He investigated the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission rules on historical markers and learned that churches and cemeteries are generally not approved unless the nomination demonstrates that the subject meets certain criterion. He is currently pulling together interested parties to help with accessing Arthur Weaner’s records in the Adams County, PA Historical Society, and other pertinent records.
  • Westerfield Marker  Charlie Westerfield of Kentucky presented the project status to obtain a marker for the Westerfield Massacre in or near the massacre site.  There were three sites proposed as potential locations.  After discussion, the members voted to have a committee of Charlie Westerfield, Eddie Cozine, Vince Akers, Steve Henry, & Lynn Rogers make final recommendation regarding location for the marker.
  • Also Charlie reported on plans to purchase and place a bench at the Old Mud Graveyard in memory of Claude Westerfield, who is now deceased.  Claude was a charter member and one of the organizer(s) of the Dutch Cousins.  He served as President from 2011, when the group was chartered, until 2013.

Old Business

  • There was no old business.

New Business

  • Recommendation to add office of Newsletter Editor
    Carolyn Leonard suggested adding the position of Editor to coordinate the Dutch Letters round robin, and produce the annual newsletter.  Denise Perry made the motion which was seconded and approved.
  • Nominations for 2017-2019 Officers and Board Members
    Denise Perry presented the list of proposed nominations for the officers and board members.  No recommendations or additions were made from the floor. Motion made, seconded and carried to elect the officers by acclamation.

    • Nomination committee report
      Executive Committee:

      President:  Charlie Westerfield of Kentucky
      Vice-President:  Tamara Fulkerson of Kentucky
      Secretary: Denise Merideth Perry of Tennessee
      Treasurer: Janice Cozine of Kentucky
      Webmaster:  Pam Ellingson of Wisconsin
      Finance Chairman: Vince Akers of Indiana
      Editor:  Carolyn Leonard of Oklahoma
    • Board of Directors:
      Malcom Banta of Florida
      Jim Cozine of Nevada
      Amalie Preston of Kentucky
  • Meeting location for 2019
    King and Sharon Cole of Texas agreed to be coordinators for the 2019 Gathering.  Several suggestions were made for the venue of the 8thDutch Cousin Gathering and also to consider a bus trip to Conewago and New Jersey following the 2019 Gathering.  Russell Gasero of New Brunswick, NJ, volunteered to help organize such a trip.  The coordinators will check out various possibilities and confer with the new president and officers to set up the time, date, and place of the next gathering.

The Meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon. Most business can be conducted by email, so unless an emergency arises the next business meeting will be at the 8h Dutch Cousins Gathering in 2019. Location of the next gathering to be determined and announced later.
Respectfully Submitted,
Denise Merideth Perry,  Secretary
Attachment A:       DC Final Expense Report

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