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Books and videos with connections to our Dutch ancestors. Check with your local library about borrowing these titles.
Please e-mail suggestions for additional titles to Pam.


Weaner, Arthur, Taxables The Low Dutch Settlement of the Conewago, York County, Pennsylvania, 1762-1799 (Gettysburg, PA: The Adams Co. Historical Society, 1977). The book is still available for purchase through the Adams County Historical Society and can be ordered either over the phone or on line at their website. It is listed under Books, Ethnic and the cost is $10.00 probably plus mailing.

Barth, Barbara A., The Dorlad Engima Solved, A Revision of the Dorland Genealogy (Sandisfield, MA: Diane Barth Swartz, 2006). and the book can be ordered from and is $38.00 + postage

Major, David C. and Major, John S., A Huguenot on the Hackensack: David Demarest and his Legacy
—Reviewed by Carolyn B. Leonard

Shorto, Russell, The Island at the Center of the World: The Epic Story of Dutch Manhattan, and the Forgotten Colony That Shaped America
— I listened to this book and it was excellent. I plan to listen to it again on my way to Kentucky and New York.–Pam

Rutherfurd, Edward, New York
— A book of fiction based on the history of New York from the tiny Indian fishing village, arrival of the Dutch and British, the Revolutionary War through the attack on the World Trade Center. I also listened to this book and enjoyed it. –Pam

McCullough, David The Great Bridge: The Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge
— This title was a suggestion when I searched a bookseller for another book on this list.

Exploring Historic Dutch New York by Gajus Scheltma and Heleen Westerhuijs
— This will be published 6/29/2011- “This comprehensive guide to touring important sites of Dutch history also serves as an engrossing cultural and historical reference. Sixteen internationally renowned scholars explore such topics as Dutch art and architecture, Dutch cooking, immigration in the 19th and 20th centuries, furniture and antiques, and much more. Color photographs and maps throughout.” –overview from Barnes and Noble

Dutch New York: The Roots of Hudson Valley Culture edited by Roger Panetta

Fabend, Firth Haring, A Dutch Family in the Middle Colonies, 1660-1800 (Rutgers University Press, 1991). This prize-winning work is a reconstruction of the first five generations of the Haring Family in New Netherland and Early New York and New Jersey. The settler Jan Pietersen Haring was the husband of Grietje Cosyns and the father of their seven children, from whom are descended more than forty related Dutch-American families. Illustrated. Winner of the Hendricks Award of the New Netherland Institute and the New York State Historical Society’s Book Award.

Fabend, Firth Haring, Land So Fair, 2008. This is a historical novel set in the Hudson and Hackensack valleys in the eighteenth century, with flashbacks to New Netherland. Based on the facts in A Dutch Family, Grietje Cosyns and her female family members are the major characters.

Fabend, Firth Haring, A Catch of Grandmothers, 2004. A historical poem in ten stanzas, one for each of the author’s Haring grandmothers, starting with Grietje Cosyns, 1641-c.1731. “Unique in American letters!”

(Books by Firth Haring Fabend are all in print and are available through on-line bookstores, or through the author’s website,

Published works concerning New Netherland

__________, A Beautiful and Fruitful Place, Selected Rensselaerswijck Seminar Papers, edited and indexed by Nancy Anne McClure Zeller, introduction by Charles T. Gehring, The New Netherland Project, 1991.

Akers, Vincent, The Low Dutch Company, A History of the Holland Dutch Settlements of the Kentucky Frontier, November 1982; A pamphlet containing four articles, with some additions, which originally appeared in de Halve Maen: Vol. LV, No 2, Summer 1980; Vol. LV, no. 3, Fall 1980; Vol. LV, No. 4, Winter 1981; Vol. LVI, No. 1, Spring-Summer 1981.

Allen, Oliver E., New York, New York, A History of the World’s Most Exhilarating and Challenging City, New York: Atheneum, 1990.

Bailey, Rosalie Fellows, Dutch Systems in Family Naming, New York-New Jersey, Special Publication of the National Genealogical Society, Number 12, reprinted from the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, March 1953, December 1953, Fifth Printing 1992.

Bailey, Rosalie Fellows,
Pre-Revolutionary Dutch Houses and Families in Northern New Jersey
and Southern New York, New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 1968, an unabridged and unaltered republication of the work originally published by William Morrow & Company in 1936 in a limited edition of 334 copies for the Holland Society of New York.

Bangs, Bleecker, Mrs.,
Reminiscences of Old New Utrecht and Gowanus, (publisher ?), 1912.

Barreveld, Drs. Dirk J., From New Amsterdam to New York, The Founding of New York by the Durch in July 1625, Writers Club Press, an imprint of Ind., 2001.

Beekman, George C.,
Early Dutch Settlers of Monmouth County, New Jersey, originally published in Freehold, New Jersey: Moreau Brothers, Publishers, 1901; New Orleans: Polyanthos, Inc., second edition reprinted by the Township of Neptune Historical Society, 1974;
Index toEarly Dutch Settlers of Monmouth County, New Jersey, by George C. Beekman, 1915, Second Edition, reprinted 1974; and index, c 1982, compiled by Helen L. Schanck, Little Silver, New Jersey, Monmouth County Historical Association, Freehold, New Jersey.

Bergen, Teunis G., The Civil, Political, Professional and Ecclesiastical History and Commercial and Industrial Record of the County of Kings and the City of Brooklyn, N.Y., from 1683 to 1884
Vol. I, pages 255-267, History of the Town of New Utrecht, New York: W. W. Munsell & Co., Publishers, (date ?).

Bergen, Teunis G.,
Register in Alphabetical Order of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, N. Y., From Its First Settlement byEuropeans to 1700, New York: 1881, facsimile reprint, Higginson Book Company, Salem, Massachusetts.

Brodhead, John Romeyn, History of the State of New York, New York: Harper & Brothers, Publishers, Vol. 1, 1853, Vol. 2, 1871.

De Jong, Gerald F.,
The Dutch Reformed Church in the American Colonies, The Historical Series of the Reformed Church in America No. 5,Grand Rapids, Michigan: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1978.

Dilliard, Maud Esther, An Album of New Netherland, New York: Bramhall, 1963.

__________, Dutch Family Heritage Society Quarterly, Mary Lynn Spijkerman, Editor, Dutch Family Heritage Society, West Jordan, Utah.

__________, The Encyclopaedia Britannica, Eleventh Edition, Volume XIX, New York, History, pages 603-610, Cambridge, England: at the University Press, New York, 1911.

Jacobs, Jaap, New Netherland, A Dutch Colony in Seventeenth-Century America, Brill, 2005.

Kammen, Michael, Colonial New York, A History, White Plains, New York: KTO Press, 1975.

Kenney, Alice P.,
Stubborn For Liberty, the Dutch in New York, Syracuse, New York, Syracuse University Press, 1975.

__________, New Netherland Connections, a quarterly publication, Dorothy A. Koenig, Editor, Berkeley, California.

O’Callaghan, Edmund B.,
History of New Netherland; or, New York Under the Dutch, 2 vols., New York: D. Appleton, 1846-1848, reproduced from an original by The Reprint Company, Spartanburg, South Carolina.

O’Callaghan, Edmund B.,
The Documentary History of the State of New York, 4 vols., Albany, N. Y., 1848-1851.

Rink, Oliver A.,
Holland on the Hudson, An Economic and Social History of Dutch New York, New York, Ithaca, New York: CornellUniversity Press, 1987.

__________, Ship Passenger Lists, New York and New Jersey (1600-1825), edited and indexed by Carl Boyer, 3rd, Newhall, California: published by the compiler, 1978.

Shepherd, William, The Story of New Amsterdam, New York & London: Alfred A. Knopf, 1926.

Shorto, Russell, The Island at the Center of the World, Doubleday, 2004.

Singleton, Esther, Dutch New York, New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1909; facsimile reprint, Higginson Book Company, Salem,Massachusetts.

Stillwell, John E., Historical and Genealogical Miscellany, Data Relating to the Settlement and Settlers of New York and New Jersey, New York: Vol. 1, originally published 1903, Vol. 2, originally published 1906; facsimile reprint, Higginson Book Company, Salem, Massachusetts.

Thompson, Benjamin F., History of Long Island, From Its Discovery and Settlement to the Present Time, The Third Edition, Three Volumes, Third Edition, Robert H. Dobb, New York, 1918, [information prior to 1839].

Voreis, Larry Michael, Our Low Dutch Heritage, First Edition, Printed by McDowell Publications, Utica, Kentucky, 2003.

Ward, Christopher, The Dutch and Swedes on the Delaware 1609-64, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1930.

Weslager, C. A.,
Dutch Explorers, Traders and Settlers in the Delaware Valley, 1609-1664, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1961.

Wilcoxen, Charlotte,
Seventeenth Century Albany: A Dutch Profile, Albany, New York: Published by the Education Department, Albany Institute of History and Art, 1981, revised edition 1984.

van der Zee, Henri and Barbara, A Sweet and Alien Land,
The Story of Dutch New York, New York: The Viking Press, 1978.

Special mention should be made of de Halve Maen, the quarterly journal published by The Holland Society of New York, which is a continuing source of valuable information relating to the Dutch colonial period in America. The Holland Society of New York was organized in 1885 to collect and preserve information respecting the early history and settlement of New Netherland by the Dutch, to perpetuate the memory, foster and promote the principles and virtues of the Dutch ancestors of its members, to maintain a library relating to the Dutch in America, and to prepare papers, essays, books, etc. in regard to the history and genealogy of the Dutch in America. Theodore Roosevelt joined the Society in 1885, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt also was an active member.

“Drums Along the Mohawk”
— “Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert play newlyweds in New York’s Mohawk Valley at the time of the Revolutionary War. That war is more a distant rumor than a direct concern of people with cabins to raise, crops to harvest, and firstborn on the way. When it comes to their valley, in the form of hitherto-peaceable Indians whipped up by a gaunt Tory with an eyepatch (John Carradine), life changes as though with the passing of a cloud shadow.” –overview from

More suggestions from Carolyn

GOOD WIVES, Image and Reality in the Lives of Women in Northern New England 1650 – 1750; by Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher

THROUGH TWO HUNDRED YEARS, Pictorial Highlights of Harrodsburg & Mercer County, Kentucky; compiled by Chinn, George M.; Researched and edited by REbecca Wilson Conover

BANTA PIONEERS and Records of the Wives and Allied Families, by Banta, Elsa M.



FOLLOWING A KENTUCKY TRACE, by Carol Gibson Flaherty


THE DORLAND ENIGMA SOLVED, Dorland genealogy, by Barbara a. Barth

ZION ON THE HUDSON, Dutch New York and New Jersey in the Age of Revivals, by Firth Haring Fabend

LAND SO FAIR, by Firth Haring Fabend

A DUTCH FAMILY IN THE MIDDLE COLONIES 1660-1800 by Firth Haring Fabend

GERRIT by Harry Roegner, story of the VAN DUYN families 1649-1700

VORIES & MONTFORT families by William L. Vories


THE HOPEWELL JOURNEY (from Old Mud in Kentucky to Hopewell in Indiana) by Kathleen Van Nuys



RELIGION ON THE AMERICAN FRONTIER, Vol II The Presbyterians 1783-1840, by William Warren Sweet, pub 1936 with Minutes of the Synod of Kentucky and Dutch New York – and autobiograph of Peter VanArsdale, son of Simon VanArsdale and Ellen (aeltje) Cozine


DUTCH NEW YORK – the Roots of Hudson Valley Culture; edited by Roger Panetta foreword by Russell Shorto

EXPLORING DUTCH NEW YORK, edited by Gajus Scheltema & Heleen Westerhuijs,intro by Russell Shorto

DUTCH HOUSES IN THE HUDSON VALLEY before 1776, by Helen Wilkinson Reynolds

PRE-REVOLUTIONARY DUTCH HOUSES AND FAMILIES in Northern New Jersey & Southern New York, by Rosalie Fellows Bailey

Books reviewed by Carolyn B. Leonard:

Huguenot on the Hackensack by John Major and David Major

Shadow Patriots by Lucia St Clair Robson
(this one is really mostly about American life during the Revolution in the area where our Low Dutch lived and where we will be traveling in October)

Early Dutch Family Ties; Terhune, Van Sycklyn, Frelinghuysen and others; by Barbara Terhune

Conquest of a Continent by Theodore m. Banta

Tulipomania by Mike Dash

Tulip Fever by Deborah Moggach

The Mevrouw Who Saved Manhattan by Bill Greer

Fiery Vision: The life and death of John Brown (at Harper’s Ferry) by Clinton Cox