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How do you speelll that?

 ... and now, here’s the list. If you know a variation or a Low Dutch name I have left off, please let me know.

  1. BulletBanta, Bonta, Banter, Bohon 

  2. BulletBergen, (Berkas?)

  3. BulletBice, Boice, Boyce, Dice, Buys, Buijs, Boyce

  4. BulletBodine, Bedine

  5. Bullet Bogert, Bogart

  6. BulletBrewer, Brouwer, Bruner

  7. BulletBrinkerhoff, Brinkerhof, Blinkerhoff, Tickerhoof, Tickerhuff

  8. BulletBrokaw, Broca, Burcaw, Bercaw, Barklow, Degraw

  9. BulletCarnine, Conyn, Conine, Canine, Carmine, Cole 

  10. BulletCosart, Cozzart, Cossatt, Cassat, Canine, Cazatt, Cersart, Crosser, Kennine, Kinnine, Cozatt, Cozarte, Cozart, Cozad, Cosarte, Cossarte

  11. BulletComingo, Comingore, Comonger, Commonger

  12. BulletConover, Cochenauer, Covenover, Covinover, Cownoyen, Cownover, (Cowenhoven?), Coshon, Cleton, Chamberlain

  13. Bullet Covert, Coovert, Kosvert, Kovert, Cover

  14. Bullet Cozine, Cosine, Casine, Crosine, Cousine, Kosijn, Cosijn, Consyn, Consine, Consynze, Cosin, Cosyns, Cosynsen, Cosynsze, Cousyn, Cousny, Couzine, Crozine, Cosyne

  15. Bullet Debaun, Debond, Debound, Deband, Deboun

  16. Bullet Demaree, De Marest, Des Marest, Dumeree, Dimaree, Deamorist, Demarist, DeMaris, Demarest

  17. Bullet Demott, DeMotte, Dedaum

  18. Bullet Dorland, Darland, Dorling, Darling, Durlind, Derlind

  19. Bullet Duree, Durie, Diree, Duryee, (originally du Ryzs) Dates, Durboraw

  20. Bullet Fulkerson, Holgerson, Volkertszen

  21. Bullet Fleuty, Fonteyn, Fontine, Yeury

  22. Bullet Huff, Hough, Huffman, Hite, Hoff, Houghtalins

  23. Bullet Konning, Koning, King, Koenig, Kyle, Conninck

  24. Bullet Latshells, Lashel, Latchel, Lasshels, Lassheles

  25. Bullet Lys, List

  26. Bullet Lyster, Lister, Loyster, Leister, Loister, Louster, Luyster

  27. Bullet Monfort, Monfor, Munfort, Monford, Minefore, Menfore, Montfort, Monfoort

  28. Bullet Riker, Ryker, Rykker

  29. BulletRinerson, Rynearson, Rynersen, Ripperdan 

  30. Bullet Scomp, Schamp, Deschamps

  31. Bullet Shuck, Schenck 

  32. Bullet Slot, Lock

  33. Bullet Smock, Smok, Smoak, Schrock 

  34. Bullet Snedeker, Snyder, Snider

  35. Bullet Stagg, Stegge, Stage, Stechk

  36. Bullet Terhune, Terheuns 

  37. Bullet Tewmey, Toomey, Tumey

  38. Bullet VanArsdale, Van Arsdalen, Vanosdel, Vanorden, Van Ordon, Vanorsdale, Vann Ausdell, VanArsdall, VanArder, Vanarsdall, Van Norsdell, Van Norsdall, Van Aersdaelen, Van Nosdall, Fenosdal, Fenorsdall, Fanosdol, Van Ausdall, Vananglin, Van Ansdale, Van Orsdel, Van OsdoL  (INCLUDES: Includes many variations of Van Arsdalen thru Van Norsdall)

  39. Bullet VanDiver, Vandiveer, Vandivier, Vandine, Vandyke, VanDevere, Vandervier

  40. Bullet Vanderbilt, Vanderbelt, Van Derbilt

  41. Bullet Vanderipe, Van DerRipe

  42. Bullet Vanderslice, Van Derslys

  43. Bullet Van Dyne, Van Dine, Vandine, Finine, Fintine, Vanande, Vantine

  44. Bullet VanDyke, Findike, Wandike, Vandyke

  45. Bullet VanHarling, Van Herling, Van Harlingen

  46. Bullet VanZant, Vanzent

  47. Bullet Vanmeter, Van Meter

  48. Bullet Van Nuys, Vannice, Van Nis, Vannys, Vannuyse, van Huys, van Hyte

  49. Bullet Vaughn, Vann

  50. Bullet VerBryck, Verbrike, Verbryke

  51. Bullet Voris, Vorhees, Voorhees, Vores, Voress, Van Voorhees, Voorheese, Van Vorous, Voras, Van Voorkiss, Vource, Vorce, Voorus, Voorheez (and MANY more variations. Go to the website

  52. Bullet Westerfield, Westervelt, Vesterbilt, Winterbill

  53. Bullet Whitenack, Whiteneck, Weytekneght

  54. Bullet Williamson

  55. Bullet Wyckoff, Wikoff, Wickoff

  56. Bullet Yeury - see Fleuty

    Why are the names spelled funny?

    The names are sometimes a puzzle.


    If you had an ancestor with one of these names listed on the next page, or varied spelling, who lived in Kentucky in the 1780 to 1850 period or later, then you are probably one of us -- Dutch Cousins, or descendants of the Kentucky Low Dutch Colony.


    These are not the only names, but the ones found and repeated most often. And ... you should not get hung up on spelling. Name spellings weren't standardized several generations ago, and many people spelled even their own name in a variety of ways. In addition, many people couldn't write and those who wrote for them when the need arose, sometimes had minimal spelling skills or simply spelled phonetically, writing down what they heard. If you know of a name or spelling variation I missed, please let me know.


    Many of these variations in spelling came from a website about Conewago Colony:

    and from the book “Taxables of the Low Dutch Settlement of the Conewago” by Arthur Weaner, available online from the Adams County PA Historical Society.



    In his book, “Finding Our Wooden Shoes Vol II,” (partially online, see hot links page) Jim Cozine says this: “Here are Some notes on Dutch spelling ‑‑ The following letters were virtually interchangeable in medieval Dutch ‑ c and k, j and y, and f and v. Some of the changes from Old Dutch (sometimes called Low German) to Modern Dutch that appear so many times in our name are: 's' became 'z' ‑ but old 'z' becomes 's' ‑ they appear to remain interchangeable even today; 'ij' or 'y' became' i'; ‘k’ became 'c'.”