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Letters 01/16/2017

posted Jan 17, 2017, 9:25 AM by Pam Ellingson
It is Decision Time!
Do you have September 8m 2017 marked on your calendar?
Have you started planning your itinerary?
Secretary Denise Perry is working on the Newsletter now. It will be out soon with lots of information about the event and a registration form.  Coordinator Mr. Lynn Rogers is designing the 2017 banner and looking at name badge options,

We are all - Hoping to see you in Kentucky this September!

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THE COUSINS ARE COMING TO FRANKFORT September  8-10,  2017.   Put it on your calendar now. We will have special rates at CAPITAL PLAZA HOTEL - We loved it last time.405 Wilkinson Blvd, Frankfort, Ky 502-227-5100

Our Treasurer Janice Cozine and the 2017 Gathering Coordinator Mr. Lynn Rogers are working out the details.  It will be memorable - we can guarantee you that! They will be giving us more information very soon.  Our Secretary Denise Meredith Perry is also working on getting the annual newsletter together.


SENT BY Mr. Lynn Rogers (Co-ordinator for 2017)

The bus trip to Shelbyville for the Massacre Reenactment will be on Saturday. If you send me contact info for Bud Everett Riker, I will contact him for possible additional email exchange. Meanwhile, the following probably would be of general interest:

Response to Bud Everett Riker

Gerardus Ryker Sr (1740-1781) was killed at Floyd's Defeat, Eastwood KY.  A memorial stone for him was placed in the Resurrection United Methodist Church Cemetery about a quarter of mile from the monument.  The sinkhole location where the Defeat victims were placed is nearby.  His service in the militia qualifies him as a Patriot.  The DAR/SAR service often cited for him (“Ensign”) is that performed by another with the same name.

The father of Gerardus Sr was John Ryker (1690-1783), who took the oath of allegiance and is a Patriot.  John was located by about 1744 in present Rockleigh in northeast NJ.  All of Gerardus Sr’s children were baptized at the Tappan Dutch Reformed Church just over the New York line.

Gerardus Sr had two sons (and other children), Gerardus Jr (1767-1839) and John (1764-1848) , both went on Clark’s campaigns against the Ohio Indians and did other service.  Both seemed to have lost land located 5 miles north of Shelbyville KY because of defective titles.  John was a colonel in the militia.  John’s pension claim is the only first hand account (presently known) of the Westerfield Massacre survivor rescue and victim burial.


SENT BY Corey Claude Westerfield

Start thinking on this request : One of our Dutch Cousin founders and first president, Claude Westerfield, turns 80 April 18th.

His son Corey C. says his dad's disease has not been kind to him.  He'd like for each cousin to create a birthday card with a funny story about Claude or your relationship with him.

Mail it before April 15th! Get started now.

Here’s the address: PO Box 70, 1100 Tecumseh Ave, Farragut, IA 51639


SENT BY Bud Riker

Message to Lynn Rogers, I miss the Ryker-Riker reunions we used to have in Madison, I have retained all the material we got from the Madison Library, I remember you Lynn but I am sure you don't remember me. Thanks for the reply.

Everett Riker


SENT BY Carolyn Leonard

Happy new Year!

Click here for a special greeting card.


SENT BY Martha Banta Boltz

So happy to get the latest newsletter, Caroline, I read and try to absorb each and every one!  Am looking forward to the next reunion in 2018 (note from editor - the next reunion is THIS year - 2017). assuming I am still on the right side of the bluegrass by then.

I was interested in the Westerfield/velt/etc. massacre, how tragic.  These battles with the Indians are fascinating, we were on their territory and they didn't like it.  I wish it were possible to identify which tribes are represented in these altercations.  When I got my DNA back, it showed I was 1%  Native American, so the stories of some of the Banta women being kidnapped and kept prisoner for several years and then being released must account for some of these.  I have no idea which Banta women it was, but would like to know.  Would like to nail down my N/A ancestry which I am very happy about; had always heard about it as rumor, but guess DNA does not lie!

In the last letter, that beautiful painted picture of the Banta cabin was shown, that a friend of one of our group had sent her -- fantastic picture and looked exactly like when I saw it with my husband several  years ago.   Still wish the lady would have it scanned etc. onto some  proper paper and sell copies or make them available to all of  us.   Mine off the computer  is being framed this week!   We need these visual representations of the things are grandchildren will never see otherwise and it's our way of perpetuating our history.  A picture is worth 1,000 words of print, etc.

You do an excellent job and I appreciate it.  Think I read somewhere that The Holland Society is now admitting Banta women;  are  you going to send us the appropriate way to handle this?  Glad to hear we are now acknowledged!

Thanks again,

Martha Banta Boltz,  now back in Kentucky

(note from editor, if you want to learn more about the Holland Society,


SENT BY Bill & Gayle Hoag - of Oklahoma - Chairpersons of Silent Auction for 2017 Dutch Cousins!

For your info. We just made reservations for the reunion in Sept. at the Capitol Plaza Hotel,

Bill & Gayle Hoag


SENT BYCarolyn Leonard

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