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Letters 01/20/2017 Tannery for Sale in NY

posted Feb 7, 2017, 3:35 PM by Pam Ellingson

Tannery for Sale, York County.

Jack Taylor and I have been corresponding about this advertisement from the 1700s.  Not so easy!
Here's what we came up with:

The person whose name is at the bottom (George Laschell) has a lot for sale or for rent for at least one year or more.  The lot is in Hunterstown, Straban Township in York County.  It is between 6-7 acres. (We know that Laschell the tavern owner bought the Conewago church property when the church closed.)

On the lot is a big dwelling house with a beautiful cellar, good stables, a young apple orchard.  

Also,  a tannery &  tanning pits, bark and tanning houses all in good shape and almost like new. 
The house is on the main road from there to Chambersburg and is very suitable (or more convenient) for a workhouse, or store, 
or for bendes? (business?), easily seen, pleasant territory and in a  good neighborhood. 

The nearer circumstances? and the conditions are known by Mr. David Cassat, Esquire, in York, Cornelius Cosine on the place (platz), or the subordinate.
Names are David CASSAT, Esq., Cornelius Cosine on the Platz, & George Laschalls
Extra information or questions:
Which Cornelius Cozine is this referring to? There were at least three: The Reverend, his son, and a grandson.  Probably more.

(The dominee) Cornelius Cozine died Aug 1786, as I understand his will, he left to wife Mary “all his estate real and personal.” His widow Mary (Koning VanOrden) probably wanted to sell the property (which was in Straban tnshp, York co (now adams)  and go back to New Jersey. By 1790 she was remarried to David Samuel Demaree  (b. 1728). They witnessed the baptism of a grandchild in 1790 and another grandchild in 1796 at Hackensack. 

So I think this could be the sale of Rev. Cozine’s home, near Gettysburg (in Straban Township, York co). The  Cozine family seemed to have had tanneries for generations so it is making sense.  But it also could have been one of the others.

So the Rev. died 1786 and this is dated 1796. Cornelius Jr moved to KY in 1783/4 and died in KY in 1787

Laschell is found spelled Lachell, Latchel, Lashell.  They say they are Low Dutch. We do know the church, which was on Rev Cozine’s land, was sold to George Lashalls, the tavern keeper – so perhaps Lashalls was selling Cozine’s house separate from the land?

David CaSSat, altho his name on the ad looks like Caffat, I think David Cassat was a member of the church and was a good friend to the Cozines.

Any other thoughts from anyone?