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Letters 01/22/2017

posted Feb 7, 2017, 3:43 PM by Pam Ellingson

Lots of interest in Westerfield Massacre and Cozine advertisement for a Tannery.

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Sent by Luther Davenport

Do any of the Dutch Cousins have connections to the pioneer McAfee family?  

If so, I'd like to be contacted by them.


Sent by Eddie Price

In Widder's Landing my main character, Craig Ridgeway, stops in York, Pa.  At a tavern that still stands...the Golden Plough.


Sent by Donna Gaines

This Adv. looks like some  documents I have from my great grandmothers bible.  They told me the language is what they termed "old German" which is unlike what's spoken today.  It's very difficult to translate, so bless you for what you've accomplished so far with this  document.


NOTE from Carolyn - it was mostly translated by Jack Taylor and he said it was VERY difficult.  Thanks.


Sent by Gary Cozine

Hi Carolyn

I've been following your ice storm postings on Facebook and hope you are all doing ok. Buffalo made the news here with some dreadful pictures of ice laden trees and lots of debris and downed lines. It's a rather unwelcome challenge to all of our survival skills!

I am unable to add anything to the tannery mystery except that probably no one changed the original deed to reflect the new or inherited owner when Cornelius Sr died.

I'm still half heartedly researching my 'branch' of the family, and so far I haven't discovered anyone who ventured west of the Hudson River except to Staten Island.  I believe I go back 6 generations in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

But it certainly is interesting to learn about what happened in the family years ago. I never knew growing up there were so many Cozine's in the nation until I started traveling on business and looked up 'Cozine' in the phone book. LOTS! Couldn't do that today with all the cell phones around.

Take care, and stay safe and well.



Sent by Lynn Rogers

I cannot help you with genealogy or history, but I live across the street from a German couple who have helped me with transcriptions and translations in the past, if that is a need.


Sent by Lilly Martin

Dear Carolyn,

David Cossart b. 1743, died December 29, 1823, buried Low Dutch Cemetery in Hunterstown, Adams County, PAmarried: Sarah Van Duyn
Father: Francis Cossart  1713-1795 buried at: Low Dutch Cemetery in Straban Township, Conewago Colony, PAmarried: Margaretta Van Nest

Notice that the newspaper advert states:  HUNTERSTOWN, STRABANE TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY.

This is the same place that David Cossart is buried, listed above.   That part of YORK Co must have been cut off to be part of Adams Co prior to 1823.

Cornelius Cozine: in the wording of the ad, it states “in Mort” right before Cornelius’ name.  Isn’t that saying,  “...the deceased Cornelius Cozine....”?  That is how I read it.  Mort is DEAD.

This is just my opinion and others should be consulted.


Sent by Martha Banta Boltz

We saw a bunch of Banta stuff in Straban, also a cemetery with many of them.


Sent by Larry Voreis

Hi Carolyn,

The Reverend Cornelius Cozine died sometime between 5 August and 24 August 1786; that is between the date he made his mark on his will and the date of the first inventory of his estate.

Cornelius Cozine Jr. died between 9 February 1787, the date of his will, and 23 May 1787, the date his will was proved in Mercer County (Kentucky) Court. (See Mercer County Will Bk. 1, pp. 12-14.)

So, it appears that the advertisement on 15 Nov. 1796 refers to Cornelius Cozine III, son of Cornelius Jr., who would have been 13 years-old in 1796. Cornelius III appears in numerous Mercer County Court records as an heir of his father's estate. Cornelius III also is named in one York County Court record as follows:

On 31 July 1789, in the York County Orphans Court, Garret Cozine and James Brinkerhoff were appointed guardians for Sarah Cozine, about 6, and Cornelius Cozine, about 5, children of Cornelius Cozine, "the younger." In the same court Garret Cozine and James Brinkerhoff were appointed guardians for Peter Cozine, age 10 years, son of Peter Cozine, deceased. All of these orphans were grandchildren of the Rev. Cornelius Cozine; the guardian Garret Cozine was their uncle. (See Cozine family records including abstracts of wills, deeds, administration documents, orphan's court documents, descriptions of Revolutionary War service, Cozine family genealogy and the "Cozine Report," a typwritten abstract of Cozine family court records at the York County Heritage Trust.)




Sent by Susan M. Owens

Comments regaring David Cassat spot on.


Sent by Doris Barfield Sanders

Thanks!  I might add that Leah/Lea, the daughter of Jacobus (James) Westervelt (Westerfield) who was killed in the massacre (the father not the daughter) married William Stafford and died about 1813 in Owens Co., KY. She was the mother of Hiram Roland Stafford, author of the letter to Lyman C. Draper that we family researchers quote so often. My list of Jacobus's children by Marie/Maria Demaree/Demarest is as follows:

1)  Jacobus/James (Jr.) born or baptized 15 Aug 1755 Schraalenburgh, Bergen Co., NJ   m. Ufmey "Phoebe" Cozine died Mercer Co., KY

2) William  who has no further documentation by me. Some say he died young, others say he was one of the massacred, still others say that the William in the massacre was a subsequent child as the Low Dutch frequently reused names.

3) Leah born or baptized 31 May 1758 New York City died June 1758 New York City and her name was reused. See #8

4) Samuel  born 18 Feb 1760 Baptized 5 Mar 1760 New York City m. Catherine Monfort  some researchers have him in Preble Co., OH

5) Isaac born 14 Jul 1762 baptized 24 Jul 1762 New York City m. Polly Smock died Mercer Co.,KY

6) Leah (2) born 23 Nov 1764 Baptized 2 Dec 1764 New York City m. William Stafford 3 Jul 1783 Lincoln Co., KY died about 1813 Owens Co., KY

7) Deborah or Debora baptized 1769 Conewago Colony, then York Co., PA m. 17 Jun 1784 Lincoln Co., KY James Baxter. Had been kidnapped at  the massacre, taken to Canada via Ft. Detroit, then returned. Estate settled in Jefferson Co., IN 1827.

8) Catherine (sometimes referred to as Catrina) baptized 15 Oct 1770 Conewago Colony, married James Brazelton 7 Jan 1793 Madison Co., KY, died 23 Aug 1849 Wirt, Jefferson Co., IN.

9) Rebecca 9 Jun 1779 Berkeley Co. VA (now Harpers Ferry,West Virginia) m. William J. Brazelton  21 Jun 1796 Madison Co., KY, d. 31 Oct 1857 Pleasant Hill, Shakertown, Mercer Co., KY.

Some researchers say that two others died in the massacre and there certainly is room in birth order, but no documentation for birth or baptism at this time. If anyone has corrections or additional information, it would be appreciated.


Sent by Della Nash

Thank you Carolyn, so interesting. Waiting for next installment. Della


Sent by Mr. Lynn Rogers

After comparing different transcripts of the Westerfield Massacre Strong, Campbell, and Stafford sources, I decided to get images of the originals.  I have arranged for a loan of 3 microfilms to the LDS closest to me:  Centerville Ohio Family History Center; 901 E Whipp Rd; Centerville , Ohio; 937-434-5690.  I schedule my use of the microfilm reader to coincide with a particular volunteer being there.  Mike, a retired engineer, uses his personal digital camera and a special tripod to snap a digital image of the microfilm reader projection.  He downloads the images from his camera chip into a computer, and puts them on my thumb drive.  

The three films are:

Draper Manuscript Collection, Lyman Copeland Draper, Series C, v. 1-3 Boone manuscripts, ca 1600-1775, LDS Film No. 889103; 

Draper Manuscript Collection, Lyman Copeland Draper, Series C, v. 23-27 Boone manuscripts,ca. 1738-1823, LDS Film No. 889110; 


Draper Manuscript Collection, Lyman Copeland Draper, Series CC, v. 13-17 Shane collection, Kentucky and Ohio, 1807-1835 Series CC, v. 18 Kentucky Gazette extracts, 1787-1788 Series CC, v. 19 Scrapbook of newspaper extracts (Kentucky), LDS Film No. 889117. 

I plan to get images for:  Strong 13CC9-18; Campbell 13CC82-87; Stafford 24C145, 145-1, 145-2; and Stafford 2C148, 148-1, 148-2.  

Then I plan to resolve any discrepancies for transcripts of 13CC11-12; 13CC84; 24C145, 145-1, 145-2; 2C148, 148-1, 148-2; Carol, a different volunteer at the local LDS Fam Hist Center, has done jillions of transcripts, and would be available if some resolution proves difficult for me.

I am willing to share any or all of the images and transcripts.  

I also volunteer to do the digital images thing in a small batch for a Dutch Cousin; you order the microfilm, your thumb drive, no time pressure, be available for a cell phone consult, usually about 10;30am on a Thursday.

Thanks, Lynn


Sent by

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