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Letters 02/10/2017

posted Feb 17, 2017, 11:58 AM by Pam Ellingson
Dutch Cousins Meeting coming up soon!

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THE COUSINS ARE COMING TO FRANKFORT September  8-10,  2017.   Put it on your calendar now.

We will have special rates at CAPITAL PLAZA HOTEL - We loved it last time. 405 Wilkinson Blvd, Frankfort, Ky 502-227-5100

Our Treasurer Janice Cozine and the 2017 Gathering Coordinator Mr. Lynn Rogers are working out the details.  It will be memorable - we can guarantee you that! They will be giving us more information very soon.  Our Secretary Denise Meredith Perry is also working on getting the annual newsletter together.


SENT BY Rodney Dempsey

Carolyn, can you answer Dennis' question : "Is the history of the Waterfield Massacre in book form? "

NOTE:  CAN ONE OF YOU WESTERFIELD BUNCH ANSWER THIS? I forwarded him the digital copy sent by Ron Belcher. I thought that was attached to the Dutch Letters earlier?


SENT BY Joan Murray

I meant to email you after you sent out the info on the Westerfield Massacre.  I think it is very appropriate for our entire group, and particularly this year because we are going to be focusing for one day on the Long Run Massacre.  I think all the Low Dutch families interest all of us even though we may not have a direct line running through them.   Joan


SENT BY Larry Voreis

About ten years ago when I visited with Arthur Weaner he took me to the location of Rev. Cozine's home which was located on the west side of the main road from York to Gettysburg and Chamberstown. The Conewago Church was near the Rev. Cozine's home, on the east side of the road. Arthur was trying to get a historical marker installed at the site of the church, without success. Somewhere I have a record of our visit, but it may take me a while to find it.

My guess is Cozine's homestead was near the tannery, as there is no mention of a tannery in the inventory of the estate of the Reverend.



SENT BY Diana Todd

??? Is there a document copy of John Ryker's testimonial ?

Where can we find the document (s) if there is a document?

I think John Ryker is my 7x great grandfather.

NOTE FROM CAROLYN - This article is coming to you in SEVEN installments - all very interesting. The 7th installment has all the footnote and source information.



I have a strong inclination to believe that it can be traced back to some of the Demotte's in Grandmother Dempsey's linage inher genealogy.

The Town was named after a DeMotte who was in Congress. The Reformed Church is the religion that the Dutch practiced and brought with them to America.

The Old Dutch Meeting House in Mercer County, KY was the first Church built west of the Alleghenies.  The Dutch residents, under Father Banta, migrated to Pleasureville, KY and then to Southern Indiana ,including  Jasper, Huntingburg, and Otwell, Grandmother Dempsey's birthplace.

It well could have happened that some Demotte's moved north and settled DeMotte.   Interesting! Maybe our friend Carolyn B. Leonard can publish something in our Old Dutch Newsletter that could shine some light on the matter.

I hope that we can get some Demotte's to attend our next biannual meeting in Frankfort this year.

Rodney P. Demsey


Newsletter with all info and registration forms coming soon.
SENT BY carolyn leonard
THURSDAY 4 TO 7 PM Sept 7, 2017
Set up and Working Box Lunch
Early Registration - Janice Cozine & team
Tee-Shirt Sales - Carol Karwatka & team
Display Tables setup:  Lynn Rogers & team
Silent auction table - Bill & Gayle Hoag
Book Table - Joan Murray
Video of 2015 presentation by Vince on Old Mud -  Jack Taylor
9 to 10:00 - Networking and Registration – Janice Cozine & Team
Hospitality:  Carol & Gene
T-Shirt Sales - Carol Karwatka's Team
Visit displays - Lynn Rogers
Silent Auction - Bill & Gayle Hoag
Book Table - Joan
10:30 Meeting begins:
Flag Ceremony: Flags - SAR?
Welcome to Kentucky - Steve Henry (if no conflict with Ms America)
Welcome to Cousins - President
Introductions - President (team - each chair reports)
Announcements - Lynn Rogers, Coordinator
11:00 break
11:15 Update on School House Restoration - Amalie Preston
11:30: TBA – (something from KGS?)

Prayer (who) - Box Lunch
12:00  Business Meeting (Officers and Registered Cousins) Box Lunch
2:00 Business meeting disbands
2:15 Textiles from the 19th century, learn how our ancestors made amazing fabric creations for their homes from start to finish. (Maybe Joann Adams, waiting for confirmation)
3:15 break
3:30 TBA (Special Kentucky Dutch info)
4:00  break
4:15 (The Westerfield Massacre discussion -Vince Akers, Steve Henry, Lynn Rogers, James Moore)
5:00 break
6:00 Prayer (?)
dinner is served
6:30 President introduces the keynote speaker, Vince Akers:  "Massacres and Defeats!"
       These Tragic and Terrifying Events
       Tell the Story of Our Low Dutch Ancestors
       Settling on the Kentucky Frontier
Slide show similar to the one on Old Mud with people, locations, documents and illustrations.  It will cover not only the Westefield Massacre, Long Run Massacre and Floyd's Defeat, but also Starm's Defeat, the Duree Massacre, the Dutch Defeat, the 1786 Low Dutch Tract problems, the Tick Creek Massacre, the Chenoweth Massacre, the Smock and Cozine family attacks and Daniel Ketchum's captivity.
TENTATIVE SCHEDULE Saturday, Sept 9, 2017
9:00  Coffee with Carol & Gene; Registration with Janice, Visit displays
Tee-Shirt Sales – Carol Karwatka
Display Tables:  Lynn Rogers
Silent auction table - Bill & Gayle Hoag
10:00 Meeting begins:
Flag Ceremony: Flags - SAR?
Welcome to Kentucky - Steve Henry
Welcome to Cousins - President
Introductions - President (team - each chair reports)
Announcements - Lynn Rogers, Coordinator
Winners announced
11:00  Meet KY Genealogical Society (Pres. Johnna Waldon)

11:30:  TBA Box Lunch

12:00  GROUP PHOTO - Charlie Westerfield - wear your Dutch cousins T shirts & hats
Silent Auction ends..

1-5:30 - Those not going to Shelbyville can visit the Kentucky History Research Center.
1:00   Bus departs for Shelbyville Reenactment (30 minute drive)
5:00 Bus returns to Frankfort
5-6 - Break
6:00 Prayer and dinner is served
6:30:   Keynote speaker Eddie Price, REMEMBER THE RAISIN!  Entertainment at its best.
SUNDAY at Old Mud - and Monday at HHS Library Research  (more info coming soon)
The Harrodsburg Historical Society Library (address) will be open for research Monday September 11 from 10 till 3, especially for Dutch Cousin researchers. We have an incredible amount of research materials available on the Low Dutch settlement here, including the library donated by David Smock of Florida.

Old Mud Meeting house restoration is complete and we have had some weddings and receptions already held there.

Restoration at the 1890 Old Mud Schoolhouse is on hold for now due to winter weather, but the interior is cleared and ready to start as weather permits. Generations of groundhogs kept coming back so we decided to pour a layer of concrete to prevent them from piling up dirt underneath the new/old flooring when it is installed. (who?) donated the fencing from Ralph Anderson’s Farms. We used that fencing to cover the floors in Old Mud, and will use the last of the Ralph Anderson fencing to make oak flooring for the schoolhouse.  Plans are to have men/womens bathrooms, kitchenette, and a reception area at the front.
SENT BY: carolyn

Carolyn Leonard

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