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Letters 04/27/2017

posted Apr 29, 2017, 1:59 PM by Pam Ellingson   [ updated Apr 29, 2017, 3:13 PM ]
Are you ready for the Gathering?

SENT BY:  Yvette Hoitink, a professional genealogist in the Netherlands and owner of Dutch Genealogy Services.
A kruidenier is a grocery (the shop) or grocer (the occupation). The word kruiden means spices, and reminds of the colonial origins of the word, when people would go to the kruidenier to buy pepper and nutmeg from the East Indies.

Since the 1960s, most kruideniers have been replaced by supermarkets.

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THE COUSINS ARE COMING TO FRANKFORT September  8-10,  2017.   Put it on your calendar now.We will have special rates at CAPITAL PLAZA HOTEL - We loved it last time. 405 Wilkinson Blvd, Frankfort, Ky  Better call soon - only 30 rooms in our block.  502-227-5100Our Treasurer Janice Cozine and the 2017 Gathering Coordinator Mr. Lynn Rogers are working out the details.  It will be memorable - we can guarantee you that! They will be giving us more information very soon.  We are working on getting the bi-ennual newsletter together hopefully will have it ready to send by Monday.————————————————————————————

SENT BY:  Luther Davenport

Are any of the Dutch Cousins also McAfee descendants?  I know later generations intermarried. There is a McAfee descendants reunion also planned for july 22


SENT BY:  Joyce Collins

I won't be able to make this year's gathering.
Hope it is as wonderful as past ones have been.

Cousin Joyce Collins (Westerfield)


SENT BY:  Anne Tangeman

Hello,  I have registered for a room for my sister and self, just cannot locate the place to register for the reunion.

> Please help.
>> Thanks, Anne Tangeman


SENT BY:  Kerin Smith

Hi:  We won't be able to attend this year.  We always have two family reunions that weekend, and we will be attending the other one this time.  This reunion is for my Henderson cousins, down the line from the List, Brewer, Banta, Demeree, Covert, and Van Vorhees families. Maybe others I missed.  :)  Hope you all have a good reunion.


SENT BY:  Marsha Smither

Can you please add me to your email list for the Dutch Cousins.
I am a Montfort descendant.
My grandfather was Dallas Montfort,
Gg grandfather was James Clarance Montfort,  ggg grandfather was
Henry James, and the list goes on.


SENT BY:  Jack Taylor

 The Roosevelts,’ Documentary Series on PBS

Sue and I just finished this series.  I highly recommend it. It concentrates on 3 ROOSEVELTS, Teddy, Eleanor & Franklin. It is in depth and several hours long. We watched it on Netflix.

Because we who have so many lines that trace back to New Netherlands the question comes up: "How am I related to the ROOSEVELT Family?"

There were only about 2000 immigrant families in New Netherlands when Governor  Peter Stuyvesant made his immortal give up speech to the English: "Pour me another beer." This stopped immigration from The Netherlands to New Netherlands (NY, NJ, & DE).

Because of language, religion, & some kinship these families became quite clannish. In my case I have found no intermarriage outside of those 2000 families in the first 6-7 generations in America.  I have found 23  family lines and continue to find others.

One intriguing name popped up in that series that ties most of us to a girl friend of FDR's  It seems that AliceSOHIER was one of FDR's early girl friends that turned him down.  David Des MAREST's wife was a SOHIER. This David is the one who had the French Patent in the Hackensack area of NJ.

There are many Roosevelt Family Trees on Line.  Here is one.  See if any of those intermarriages make you a cousin


SENT BY: from Kim Allison Ross:

there is information on Hilletje Pouluse in this book  titled, “The American Ancestry of Frederic Louis Huidekoper and Reginald Shippen.” She's not referred to as that in the book.  The attachments I sent were what I have so far transcribed from the book since I can't copy/paste from it.  I'm assuming since I can't, no one else can either.   These documents can be uploaded to on-line trees.  The source book & pages are cited.


SENT BY:  Nancy Marion Tayloram very interested about the dutch gathering on Sept 8 9 and 10. I would like to be put on the mailing list.

I plan on coming to tje gathering if possible. My great grandmother was Missouri Cozine————————————————————————————


Carolyn Leonard

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