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Letters 05/15/2017

posted May 17, 2017, 8:39 AM by Pam Ellingson   [ updated May 17, 2017, 8:54 AM ]
Wondering if your family is on the Dutch Name List?
Are you Ready to laugh and have fun?

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THE COUSINS ARE COMING TO FRANKFORT September  8-10,  2017.   Put it on your calendar now.

We will have special rates at CAPITAL PLAZA HOTEL - We loved it last time. 405 Wilkinson Blvd, Frankfort, Ky  Better call soon - only 30 rooms in our block.  502-227-5100 BE SURE TO GIVE THE GROUP CODE:  Dutch Cousins 2389

Our Treasurer Janice Cozine and the 2017 Gathering Coordinator Mr. Lynn Rogers are working out the details.  It will be memorable - we can guarantee you that!

I got sidetracked by the annual Writers Federation Conference (wow what a week!) and by a visit from a granddaughter moving all the way from Oklahoma to Savannah to be with her new soldier-husband, and then came Mother's Day weekend with all the kids and grandkids coming from everywhere.  But I am back on the Dutch newsletter and registration blank and will have it to you before you can say ... Epke Jacobse!


DAR, SAR, 1812, 0IWUS:  We are working on having some special information being made available to the cousins at the gathering.  For instance, we know that some people are interested in learning more about and applying for Sons of American Revolution or Daughters of American Revolution, Daughters of the War of 1812,  Order of Indian Wars of the US, the Holland Society of NY and on… groups that many of us belong to and many other lineage groups our Dutch cousins are eligible for.  I’m looking for volunteers to help with that.  I am also seeking a speaker on DNA and what that might tell us.  Any suggestions welcome.

SENT BY: Carolyn Leonard (herself)
As I understand it, 50 families came to Mercer County Kentucky by 1800.  The "50 families" were associated with 19 Dutch names. Please correct me if this is wrong.

- Banta, Bonta
- Bergen,
- Bodine,
- Brewer, Brouwer
- Cosart, Cossart
- Cozine, Cosine
- Demaree, Demarest
- Dorland,
- Duree,
- Monfort,
- Riker, Ryker
- Shuck,
- Smock,
- Stagg,
- Terhune,
- VanArsdale, (many spellings)
- Van Nuys,
- Voris, Vorhees,
- Westervelt, Westerfield

... and now, here’s the list of Dutch name variations. If you know a variation or a Low Dutch name I have left off, please let me know.

- Banta, Bonta, Banter, Bohon
- Bergen, (Berkas?)
- Bice, Boice, Boyce, Dice, Buys, Buijs, Boyce
- Bodine, Bedine
- Bogert, Bogart
- Brewer, Brouwer, Bruner
- Brinkerhoff, Brinkerhof, Blinkerhoff, Tickerhoof, Tickerhuff
- Brokaw, Broca, Burcaw, Bercaw, Barklow, Degraw

- Carnine, Conyn, Conine, Canine, Carmine, Cole
- Cosart, Cozzart, Cossatt, Cassat, Canine, Cazatt, Cersart, Crosser, Kennine, Kinnine, Cozatt, Cozarte, Cozart, Cozad, Cosarte, Cossarte
- Comingo, Comingore, Comonger, Commonger
- Conover, Cochenauer, Covenover, Covinover, Cownoyen, Cownover, (Cowenhoven?), Coshon, Cleton, Chamberlain
- Covert, Coovert, Kosvert, Kovert, Cover
- Cozine, Cosine, Casine, Crosine, Cousine, Kosijn, Cosijn, Consyn, Consine, Consynze, Cosin, Cosyns, Cosynsen, Cosynsze, Cousyn, Cousny, Couzine, Crozine, Cosyne

- Debaun, Debond, Debound, Deband, Deboun
- Demaree, De Marest, Des Marest, Dumeree, Dimaree, Deamorist, Demarist, DeMaris, Demarest
- Demott, DeMotte, Dedaum
- Dorland, Darland, Dorling, Darling, Durlind, Derlind
- Duree, Durie, Diree, Duryee, (originally du Ryzs) Dates, Durboraw

- Fulkerson, Holgerson, Volkertszen
- Fleuty, Fonteyn, Fontine, Yeury

- Huff, Hough, Huffman, Hite, Hoff, Houghtalins
- Konning, Koning, King, Koenig, Kyle, Conninck
- Latshells, Lashel, Latchel, Lasshels, Lassheles
- Lys, List
- Lyster, Lister, Loyster, Leister, Loister, Louster, Luyster

- Monfort, Monfor, Munfort, Monford, Minefore, Menfore, Montfort, Monfoort
- Riker, Ryker, Rykker
- Rinerson, Rynearson, Rynersen, Ripperdan

- Scomp, Schamp, Deschamps
- Shuck, Schenck
- Slot, Lock
- Smock, Smok, Smoak, Schrock
- Snedeker, Snyder, Snider
- Stagg, Stegge, Stage, Stechk
- Terhune, Terheuns
- Tewmey, Toomey, Tumey

- VanArsdale, Van Arsdalen, Vanosdel, Vanorden, Van Ordon, Vanorsdale, Vann Ausdell, VanArsdall, VanArder, Vanarsdall, Van Norsdell, Van Norsdall, Van Aersdaelen, Van Nosdall, Fenosdal, Fenorsdall, Fanosdol, Van Ausdall, Vananglin, Van Ansdale, Van Orsdel, Van OsdoL  (INCLUDES: Includes many variations of Van Arsdalen thru Van Norsdall)
- VanDiver, Vandiveer, Vandivier, Vandine, Vandyke, VanDevere, Vandervier
- Vanderbilt, Vanderbelt, Van Derbilt
- Vanderipe, Van DerRipe
- Vanderslice, Van Derslys

- Van Dyne, Van Dine, Vandine, Finine, Fintine, Vanande, Vantine
- VanDyke, Findike, Wandike, Vandyke
- VanHarling, Van Herling, Van Harlingen
- VanZant, Vanzent
- Vanmeter, Van Meter
- Van Nuys, Vannice, Van Nis, Vannys, Vannuyse, van Huys, van Hyte
- Vaughn, Vann
- VerBryck, Verbrike, Verbryke
- Voris, Vorhees, Voorhees, Vores, Voress, Van Voorhees, Voorheese, Van Vorous, Voras, Van Voorkiss, Vource, Vorce, Voorus, Voorheez (and MANY more variations. Go to the website

- Westerfield, Westervelt, Vesterbilt, Winterbill
- Whitenack, Whiteneck, Weytekneght
- Williamson
- Wyckoff, Wikoff, Wickoff
- Yeury - see Fleuty

SENT BY:Martha Banta Boltz
What a darn cute building -- love the stair steps roofline!   I plan on being at the Dutch Cousins Reunion in Frankfort, my first last year was so much fun!

SENT BY:Carolyn Corbin McCoy
Hi, Carolyn,

I have been a member of your Low Dutch Cousins group for some time because I am also descended from Low Dutch who went to New Amsterdam from the Netherlands. From there, my Ringo ancestors went to New Jersey, then to Virginia (instead of Pennsylvania) and then to Kentucky.

I've just been doing some more research on my Dutch ancestors and see from a Sons of the American Revolution application that I am a distant cousin of Catherine Westevelt (b. 1811), daughter of Casparus Westevelt and Jane Ryder. So I guess I can legitimately belong to your group.

I haven't been to any of your reunions, but I thoroughly enjoy your newsletters and appreciate all you do for your organization.  Maybe one of these days I can get to a reunion.


Carolyn Corbin McCoy
Descendant of Phillip Ringo, Aefje van Tienhoven, and Pieter van Stoutenburg

SENT BY: Kim Allison Ross
For your Dutch Cousins.  I’m always glad to share what I find as maybe someone on your list may be able to use it.


John Lodts, or Loots, a native of Norwich, England, came to this country in 1694, and in the fall of 1695 married Hilletje Powless, widow of Lubbert Lubbertsen Westervelt, Jr., of Bergen (now Jersey City). He removed to Bergen County and purchased a large portion of section 6, adjoining Lydecker on the south, on which he settled.  Upon his death his lands were inherited by his sons, John and Paulus Loots; his daughters, Tryntie, wife of Henry Wierts Banta, and Gessie, wife of Daniel Commegar. KoelofE Lubberts Westervelt, a brother of the first husband of Loots's wife, purchased a strip north of Loots in section 6, as did also Cornelius, Hendrick, Dirk, and Seba Banta, the sons of Bpke Jacobs. The purchases were all made in 1695. The combined purchases of Loots, Westervelt, and the Bantas, according to references in old deeds, must ha^e included all of section 6, which extended north nearly as far as Tenafly. Descendants of the deMotts, Demarests, and Eomaines subsequently acquired parts of section 6.

Source:  “Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey”.  Source location:  Cornell University Library.

Publisher:  The New Jersey Genealogical Publishing Company, 114 Fifth Avenue, New York  Year:  1900  The Winthrop Press New York


SENT BY: Rodney Dempsey
The Miller Center is where Red Orchard Park is located. Mr. Miller was an Under Secretary to a couple of Secretaries of the U.S.
U.S. Department of Agriculture. He donated his Red Orchard Farm to the community upon his death. It is a source of pride for the Shelby County community. Joan Brown, a retired naturalist, who worked previously with the KY Department of Fish and Wildlife operates the "Nature"' part of the Park.
Walt Reichert, a retired Newspaper reporter and columnist, is the Horticulture Agent for the Shelby County Cooperative Extension Center.  He leads the Shelby County Master Gardeners, who participate in beautifying the Park.
 The Red Orchard park is not in any way supposed to be a "show place", but definitely is a up and coming nature center. I think the Dutch Cousins will really enjoy their visit there September 9 at the Westervelt Massacre re-enactment.


SENT BY:Carolyn Leonard
president, Dutch cousins of Kentucky

Now preparing for the 2017 Dutch Cousins Gathering - September 8-11
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