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Letters 05/26/2017

posted May 26, 2017, 4:09 PM by Pam Ellingson
Everyone's talking about the big event coming in September


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(At the front page,"Gathering 2017”)  Vince pointed out that sometimes clicking on the hyperlink goes to some "My Site" thing.  Just Google Dutch Cousins and go from there.  It's the organization's website.


THE LOW DUTCH COUSINS ARE COMING TO FRANKFORT September  8-10,  2017.   Put it on your calendar now.

We will have special rates at CAPITAL PLAZA HOTEL - We loved it last time. 405 Wilkinson Blvd, Frankfort, Ky  Better call soon - only 30 rooms in our block.  502-227-5100  BE SURE TO GIVE THE GROUP CODE:  Dutch Cousins 2389

Our Treasurer Janice Cozine of Kentucky and the 2017 Gathering Coordinator Mr. Lynn Rogers of Ohio (and me - Oklahoma) are working out the details.  It will be memorable - we can guarantee you that!

The big exciting newsletter is all ready to go! we areupdating the mailing list so we don't have to pay postage for returned mailers due to bad addresses

DAR, SAR, 1812, 0IWUS:  We are working on having some special information being made available to the cousins at the gathering.  For instance, we know that some people are interesting in learning more about and applying for Sons of American Revolution or Daughters of American Revolution, Daughters of the War of 1812,  Order of Indian Wars of the US … groups that many of us belong to and many others of our Dutch cousins are eligible for.  I’m looking for volunteers to help with that.  Hello!  Where are you Daughters? … and Sons …? and others?

I have also requested a speaker on DNA and what that might tell us.  Any suggestions welcome.


Rodney Dempsey, who has never missed a Cousins gathering, has a request.

He has registered for the event and has his room reserved at the Capitol Plaza. He only needs one more thing to be present at the 2017 gathering.  Rod does not drive anymore and needs to share a ride there and back. He is in good shape physically and will pay for transportation.  Rodney lives in Louisville off Shelbyville Rd, near the Blankenbaker Lane (north) exit off I-64 at Shelbyville Road.  Who’d like to apply for this job?

SENT BY: carolyn

Free Access to Pennsylvania Resources

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Pennsylvania's size and central location on the Atlantic Seaboard contributed to its important role in American history. Millions of Americans have ancestors who lived in Pennsylvania. Prominent ethnic groups who settled in Pennsylvania include Germans, Irish, African-Americans, Italians, Swiss, Dutch, and Chinese.

Learn more about how to conduct research on Pennsylvania and to access free educational resources.

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SENT BY: Hendrik Edelman
The term “low dutch” is unknown in the Netherlands. The Dutch word is: Nederduitsch.
The (American) Dutch Reformed Church is called Nederduits Hervormde Kerk in contemporary documents

SENT BY: Charlotte Ann Legg Olson
Hello.... I joined DAR through our family member James Stagg.
I would be more than happy to help other daughters add their names to his service of this country.
We are also pretty good at SAR applications, too... but have completed other family members that are not of our Dutch line: Thomas Lucas or Orange Co VA and Scott Co KY(included in his line is Mary Virginia Terhune dau of James).

DAR: James Stagg, John Poulter or Mercer Co KY.

Hope to attend and my husband Dave and I would be glad to assist cousins interested in DAR or SAR. If anyone is interested they could contact us early and we could do some checking.
DAR's website has a fill in the blanks application and instructions that is a good place to start.

thanks Carolyn for all you do. Always enjoy reading your messages.

Charlotte Legg, dau of
Mary Lucas, dau of
Paul G. Lucas, son of
Mary Virginia Terhune, dau of
James Terhune and Rachel Stagg dau of
Abraham C. Stagg and Sarah Banta, son of
Daniel Stagg and Mary Counover, son of
James Stagg and Leah Brouwer....... and
many other Dutch cousin families as well....

SENT BY: Barbara Merideth
Denise and just got back from the National Genealogy Conference. There were some gentlemen there as well as a woman who spoke about the issue of access to records. Judy Russell gave an impassioned speech about it at a luncheon. I know you have talked about this a little as well. The group that is working on this type of legislation is looking for representatives in several states to help them with communicating with legislators in several states. Kentucky is one of those states. I don't know if you can find someone to talk to the group about that issue, but it might be worth it to do so. I've got the sheet the guys handed out at the session somewhere in my stuff, I think. Judy Russell did mention that Oklahoma just passed legislation recently that would allow records to be accessed more easily.


SENT BY:Albert van der Heide:   May I offer a nuance here on the controversy of Dutch and Deutsch? Going back in history, no Continental Europeans called residents of what is now The Netherlands Dutch. Only those on the British Isles did.

But who were those Lowlanders or the Dutch, the British term?

 Anyone who has read Netherlands history knows that the ranks of the Lowlanders were enhanced with mercenary troops from various regions in Europe, incl. German, Swiss and English. Many stayed. Portuguese Jews, French Huguenots, Walloons refugees and numerous laborers from German counties. All of these were Lowlanders in British eyes, namely Dutch.

Did the British public know Continental European geography? Germany? It became a country in 1870. Before that is was divided in numerous entities, such as Hannover, Westphalia, Bavaria, etc.
(More from Albert van der Heide) Carolyn Leonard offers a list of Dutch settler surnames but not all who arrived from Amsterdam in the New Netherland colony were of Netherland stock.

The colony was from its beginning in the 1620s multilingual and multi-ethnic although the farmer colonists like Voorhees were Netherlanders (brought over by the patroons).

Most of them came from the Drenthe (Voorhees), Overijssel en Gelderland (Van Renselaer). Among the list are French, Walloons and Swedes.

SENT BY: Janice Cozine
Hello to Everyone!

The registration forms are rolling in for our 2017 DC Gathering!
We had approx. 140 cousins attend in 2015 and we're hoping to beat that number this year.
Make your plans now to be part of all the excitement.
We have lots of things going on and as always, we have some fantastic speakers lined up to get us started.
There will be loads of information floating around ..... if you want to learn, have something to share or just come for the fun....we would love to see you there.
We're meeting again this year at The Kentucky History Center in Frankfort, Ky.
Everyone enjoyed this venue so much in 2015 we wanted to go back.

Lynn Rogers has planned a trip on Saturday between 1 - 5 pm to visit Shelbyville, Ky. to see the  "The Long Run Massacre and Floyd's Defeat Re-enactment".
We have rented a 55 passenger tour bus to take us to our destination and back.
The cost for the re-enactment ticket and bus rental fee is $25.00.
This bus trip was NOT listed on the original registration form.
Please be sure you look for the 'new' DC Gathering registration form to fill out and mail with your payment, to the DC Treasurer.
You can read more about the bus trip in the 2017 DC brochure coming out soon OR you may check out the info on the web site.

More to come!

Janice Cozine
Dutch Cousins Treasurer
and Registration Chair

SENT BY: Marilyn Douglas, New Netherland Institute
For those of you in The Netherlands or planning to visit there this summer, one of our subscribers wanted you to know –
Kiliaen van Rensselaer’s house in Hasselt near Zwolle, the town where he was born,  is open to the public on request for visiting.


SENT BY: Marilyn Douglas, New Netherland Institute
doing research in The Netherlands- some links you may find useful
Quite some time ago, a project was started in the Netherlands to digitize all content in the archives & cultural heritage countries. One of our subscribers provided the following links:

-              Cultural heritage
-              Books and much more
-              Newspapers

-              And still lots of work to be done


SENT BY: Yvette Hoitink
DUTCH WORDS:  A bakker is a baker, and a bakkerij is a bakery.

Bread was and is a staple in the Dutch diet. The content and weight of loaves of bread was heavily regulated. If you have ancestors who were bakers, you may find them on lists of calibrated weights, or involved in court cases if their loaves were found to be too light or containing different ingredients than advertized.

Carolyn Leonard
president, Dutch cousins of Kentucky
Now preparing for 9/8/2017 Dutch Cousins Gathering

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