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Letters 07/18/2017 A Personal message from Janice Cozine and more

posted Jul 19, 2017, 10:52 AM by Pam Ellingson

The image: sent by Amalie Preston:Cover of Kentucky Ancestors magazine of April 1978, DUTCH STATION 1779-1780; Standing at the site of the old Station, Middle Fork of Beargrass Creek in Jefferson Couty Kentucky. Brown graveyard beyond. This picture taken 22 March 1922.


SENT BY: Colleen Pizarev

Hello Carolyn and Lynn -

I was hoping I'd be able to travel for the gathering this September.  Unfortunately, my mother-in-law is in late stage ALZ, and had a recent minor stroke.  I can't be gone that week since my husband has to travel for work, and I need to be here for her caregiver in case anything happens.

I sincerely hope to be able to make it next year, and will bring my mother, also a Demaree/Demarest/Ryker/Storm descendant.  I hope you have a wonderful time, and please post a lot of pictures!

NOTE from Carolyn:  REMEMBER the Gatherings are not every year - only in the odd numbered years.  Next gathering of cousins will be in 2019.


SENT BY: Carl and Cindy Bantau

Dear Carolyn,

My name is Carl Bantau. My last name came from the low Dutch group you are from. Anna Banta was the daughter of H. D. Banta, (who headed, and pastored one of the small groups that eventually moved to Indiana from Bantaville, KY, and many of them are buried there.

Anna Banta married George Washington Voyles (Voiles) and had 4 children the eldest being my 3rd Great Grandfather was born Henry Day Voiles. After giving birth to her 4th baby, Anna (Banta) Voiles became very sick, and in her state of sickness, she and all four children were abandoned by her husband George Washington Voiles. She died as a result of that abandonment and it was left to my then twelve-year-old great great great grandfather to try to keep the others (his younger siblings) alive until they could reach help.

They found that help in their grandfather H. D. Banta. Henry Day Voiles then decided that since his father had abandoned them during their greatest time of need, he would abandon his father's name. He took his mother's maiden name, Banta, as his own. But soon (the former is all fact, but now I begin to speculate some) he found much confusion in that his grandfather had the same name as he did, but not only his grandfather, but many others in the group were named Henry Banta. We believe it was for that reason, that he added a "U" to the end of his name to make it Bantau.

So anyone with that last name is 99.9% likely to be a descendant of Henry Day Bantau. If you google his name, you will find much information. He went on to become a schoolteacher at the age of 16, and the pastor of the Baptist Church of Christ in Palestine (now Glass) Tennessee where he served for 21 years (save 1 year) before moving to Texas at doctor's orders. He later founded Thorp Springs College which is now known as Texas Christian University.


SENT BY: Rogene Smith

Carolyn, I just want to say, I won’t be attending the Dutch Cousins Gathering this year.  It comes earlier in the month and we have plans for a couple of other trips in August and September which more or less are about the same time.  I have enjoyed the meetings and hope to get to that area again some day.   I continue to look for more information on my  Luyster family,    Pictures of the Old Mud Meeting House are great.  Thanks to all of the members who have had a part in the restoration.

Received the newsletter recently and it  certainly is very professional.

Please keep me on your list.


SENT BY: Janice Cozine
Hello Cousins!

So much is going on behind the scenes to prepare for our up-coming gathering. It's only a few weeks away and we're getting very excited.
Hope you have reserved your room at the Plaza Hotel and mailed in your registration forms.
Our date for cut-off/deadlines will be soon.  You can register after these dates if necessary, but will cost you a little more and make us work a little harder! We need to get the name tags, meals etc. all set in place as soon as possible, plus remember you get a free bag to match your tee shirt if you register and pay before August 1. The earlier you register the easier it is on the planners.

We have much to offer you at this years gathering.

Only a few seats are still available for our Saturday bus excursion to the 'Long Run Massacre and Floyd's Defeat Re-enactment' in Shelbyville, Ky.

Don't miss the bus, register today!

On Friday, Vince Akers and Charlie Westerfield (at separate times) will have important information about the 'Low Dutch Massacres & Defeats and the 'Westerfield Massacre Marker’. All this will tie into our Saturday's trip to Shelbyville.

If you want info about how to join or if you would qualify to join the DAR & SAR, we will have this info available at the gathering this year. We also are trying to get DNA set up with Ancestry.

We will soon learn about the updated info on the "Old Mud Meeting House" and what is happening with the Conewago Colony.  Eddie Price will entertain us again this year with his version of ''Remember the Raisin’'.

Don't forget the joy of seeing old and new cousins.

The Dutch Gatherings every two years are about the only time we get to see each other.....we always look forward to that!!

If anyone needs info on directions, airport info, hotel, RV parks, etc., please email me.  I will help any way I can to make your trip to Kentucky, easier.

Blessings to all,

Janice Cozine

DC Treasurer & Registration Chair


SENT BY: Larry Vanice

I was looking for an ancestor today and found this publication, which has a nice history of the Low Dutch settlers in KY and the church at Pleasureville, with a list of members.

I was mostly interested in my Vanice ancestors and found a number of listings spelled in a way I had never seen before: Vannuice.  There was a comment in the article that the clerk of the session at that time did not write and spell very well, so the family themselves may not have used the Vannuice spelling.

The member list includes my great-great-grandparents, Eleanor (Ellen in the list) Smith Vanice and Isaac Covert Vanice, who married on 28Sep1837.  When they belonged in the late 1830’s, the church was called the Presbyterian Church of Six Mile (the present day yarn shop).  Eleanor’s father was Robert Smith, who was born in Scotland, and her mother, name unknown, was born in VA.  Eleanor and Isaac and their first child moved to Arrow Rock, MO in 1840.  Apparently the lack of a Dutch Reformed minister being sent to KY resulted in some Low Dutch getting to know some Scots.

There are a bunch of Dutch cousins’ names in the church article.  I saw some references to church members leaving to join the Shakers, presumably at Pleasant Hill, KY.





We need to stress to the cousins,  they NEED to be on time going and coming, so we don't run over our 4 hour trip limit. (6 hours - trip & driver limit)
The clock starts when the driver leaves Louisville and when the driver gets back to the office. (1 hour is allowed each way)
We have 4 hours to do the trip,,,,period.
The hourly rate for the driver is $140.00.
That will be added as extra cost divided in 15 min. intervals, if we're even late 1 min.

NOTE FROM CAROLYN:  All riders remember our warning - Don’t be late, we can’t wait!


SENT BY: Amalie Preston: David Smock's books are safely at the Historical Society, and we plan to build a 2 shelf bookcase to house them atop the Low Dutch archive lateral files.


SENT BY: Carla Gerding

So saddened to hear of the passing of Bev and Tom Gerding.  They were one of the very first couples that I met while attending the reunions.  We had not only Dutch ancestry in common, but also Gerding lineage.

They were a lovely, lovely couple and will be sorely missed by many of us.


SENT BY: OBITUARY for Beverly Gerding:


SENT BY: Charlie WesterfieldCarolyn, I would be happy to help Rodney with a ride to Frankfort. Rodney is not only a cousin, but I was raised in the same hometown (Greenville, KY) with Rodney. Have known him all my life.

Just delivered my “Traveling Route 66 with Charlie Westerfield” to the duplicator. Have a showing and sale booth in Bloomington, IL on the 13th, 14th, & 15th. Have worked on the project for six years and it’s finely finished (“Free At Last, Thank God Almighty, I’m Free at Last”.)

Charlie Westerfield