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2007 Ceremony


Veterans 2007

1)ADAMS, Francois 1751-1837  

        Trumpeter, came w/Count Rochambeau, served under Gen. Lafayette

        Served in Gen. Washington’s Reg’t, Virginia Line

        Fought in Battle of Yorktown

        Sponsored by Carolyn Leonard of Oklahoma

        Flag given to 6th-gr-granddaughter, Carole Lee Freeman of H’burg KY

2)Pvt. BANTA, Abraham 1745-1793 

        2nd Bn York Co Pa Militia; Flying Camp, Capt Hugh Campbell

        Sponsor & descendant 5th gr-granddaughter Lucille Wahrenbrock of IA

3)Pvt. BREWER, Daniel 1719-1791 

        Moylan’s Dragoons, Pennsylvania Line

        Sponsored by Tom & Beverly Gerding of Texas

        Flag accepted by 5th gr-grandson James Streeter of Scottsville KY

4)Pvt. BREWER, Samuel 1757-1835  

        Spy & Scout, Col. Vance’s Regt, Pensylvania Line, 

        Sponsored by Tom & Bev Gerding of Texas 

        Flag accepted by relative James Streeter of Scottsville KY

5)Pvt. COMINGORE, Henry 1749-1836 

        Col. Vanarsdall’s Regt, Pennsylvania Line

        Fought in Battle of Yorktown 

        Sponsored by Jim Cozine of Nevada

        Flag accepted by relative Connie Whitenack of Harrodsburg KY

6)Pvt. COMINGORE, John 1749-1845  

        Col Vanarsdall’s Regt, Pennsylvania Line

        Sponsored by Jim Cozine of Nevada

        Flag accepted by relative Connie Whitenack of Harrodsburg KY

  1. 7)
        Pvt. COOVERT, Daniel 1759-1848 

        Capt Baird’s Co, Monmouth New Jersey Militia

        Sponsor and descendant: Amalie Preston, Salvisa KY

8)Pvt. DEMOTTE, Laurence 1719-1800

        Somerset Co Militia, Col. Quick’s 2nd New Jersey Regt

        Sponsor: Rod Dempsey of Shelbyville, KY

        Flag accepted by descendant Frank Dempsey of Bagdad KY 

  1. 9)    Pvt. DEMOTTE, Peter 1758-1832 

        Col Quick’s New Jersey Line        

        Sponsor and descendant: Rodney Dempsey of Shelbyville KY

10)Pvt. HUFF, Peter 1756-1840

        Col. Taylor’s Regiment, New Jersey Line, 

        Fought in battles of Monmouth, Springfield

        Sponsored by T. Joyce Collins of California, no descendants found

        Flag accepted by Joyce Collins of California

  1. 11)   Pvt. KYLE, Rev. Thomas 1757-1846 

        Gen. Putnam’s Brigade, Pennsylvania Line       

        Fought at Bunker Hill, Trenton, Germantown,

Sponsored by Claude Westerfield of Iowa, no descendants found

        Flag accepted by Claude Westerfield, IA.

12)     Pvt. LUYSTER, Peter 1761-1830 

  Somerset Co New Jersey Militia, Col. Van Dyck’s Regt

          Sponsored by Linda Hayes of Iowa, no descendants found

  Flag accepted by Linda Hayes of IA

  1. 13)    1st Lieut. VANARSDALL, Cornelius A. 1748-1840

            Col. Vroom’s NJ Regiment

            Fought at Millstone, Monmouth, Springfield          

            Sponsored by Joan Van Arsdall of Florida 

            Flag given to 6th gr-granddaughter Jane Van Arsdall of Florence KY

  1. 14)  Pvt. VANARSDALL, Cornelius O. 1760-1843                                                                                                                       

Spy in Col. Vroom’s New Jersey Regiment         

        Sponsored by Ed/Barbara Cozine, NJ

        Flag accepted by descendant Ruby Bishop Ingram of Elizabethtown KY

15)   Corp. WESTERVELT, James 1755-1826

Served in Col. John Freer’s 4th & 5th Regiment, Duchess Co NY Militia

Fought in battle of Brooklyn Heights 

        Sponsored by descendant, James T. Moore of Kentucky

Flag accepted by descendant Gladys Westerfield Dorrell of Indianapolis